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a lot of messages and people reported for a time in great detail – then they disappear from the headlines. How to continue to develop the themes, what became of the people? We explain in this series.
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teaching Hebrew in the intensive course: Liam Rückert has to do at his new school. “The timetable requires from me a Lot,” says the young person with the short black hair. Sigh. And only then, the Israeli teachers: “they’re kind of a lot stricter than in Germany.”

Since the end of August, the 16-year-old, from Berlin-Spandau-born Liam Rückert now, students at the “Mosenson Youth Village” in Israel. In the boarding school in Hod ha’Sharon, a 60,000 inhabitants city count, not far from Tel Aviv, is prepared for the young people from Germany, together with 130 other international students at the Israeli high school diploma.

“I feel very comfortable in Israel,” says Liam, “I made aliyah and I would like to live forever.” With “aliyah”, the Hebrew word for “ascent”, is referred to in Israel, the immigration of new Jewish immigrants. As such, the young people from Berlin, of course.

at home in the boarding school

Liam Rückert knows the country since his Childhood. His mother originates from Israel. In the school holidays they were frequently to Relatives and friends to visit. Liam’s grandmother lives in Tel Aviv. If he has a weekend day off, he travels by Bus often to her.

he does not want to tell, actually, so right away from his boarding school, he said: “I have already found many friends here.” With his four roommates, he understands really well. The guys are from Italy, the Netherlands, the USA and Germany. Together, they make Sport, listen to music, or just hang together – as young people do everywhere in the world. Liam is one of them. Finally. From Berlin, he knew this feeling.

“As a Jew, I no longer had to hold it in Germany,” he says with a serious voice. He is not very religious, but proud of his origins. The bullying experience, which he had made at his former school were traumatizing.

How many anti-Semitic criminal offences registered with the police? The police counted over the past year, nationwide, in 1453, anti-Semitic crimes, not only in schools. The are approximately as many as in 2016 and slightly more than in 2015. The final crime statistics for 2017 is not certain, however. The number of crimes could rise. In addition, are not reported as not all cases of anti-Semitism in everyday life. How many of these crimes are Muslims? It is not clear from the crime statistics clearly. Although the police took only 25 offences from the year 2017 clearly “religiously motivated” anti-Semitism. However, most of the cases are included as right-wing acts in the statistics, even if the perpetrators are unknown. Experts criticize this for quite some time.

the school no longer wants to speak

Over a period of months, Liam Rückert from several classmates was at the “school of the Jungfernheide” – a comprehensive school in Spandau in the far West of Berlin, many of the students have offended the immigrant – anti-Semitic and harassed. At some point it was so bad that he no longer wanted to go to school. He skipped class regularly, and his grades deteriorated dramatically.

Liam’s mother, Billy Rückert, saw no other way out than to take him in the middle of the school year of the school. Even if she is glad that her son now in Israel, she says: “It should never have had to come this far.” The competent teacher and the headteacher at his old school had immediately after the discovery of the first anti-Semitic Statements as well as responding adequately to this, might have prevented the escalation spiral.

“This is not happening. The young Liam at the time, threatened, have not been put in their place,” says Billy Rückert. The want to let Karin Stolle, Liam’s former school principal, are not. “We have always strived to support Liam Rückert,” says Stolle. For anti-Semitism and discriminatory Remarks of any kind, give it to your school no place. The more you do not want to say. The case was completed for you and your school.

“all of That is behind me,”

Also, for Liam, his school is at the Berlin community school is a closed Chapter. The young people no longer like to talk about it. “That’s all behind me now,” says the student. He was just glad that he had decided not to for a possible change of school in the Federal capital, but for Israel. “Here I can be as Jew-free and need not fear anti-Semitism.”

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When he is done with school, wants Liam in the Israeli army. He must, as a Israeli citizen also. The young person has next to the German, but also the Israeli passport.

His life in Berlin, the 16-Year-old not missed. “First, I’m not coming back,” he says. His mother, his cats and his friends are missing him already. But the can him to come back and visit once in Israel.

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