Because of the shutdown in the US, more and more members of the security staff at the airports of the work. The transportation security administration TSA announced that on Sunday, ten percent of the staff plan were not published for the service.

waiting times at checkpoints were the most important airports in the United States, although in the normal course of up to 30 minutes: at New York’s LaGuardia airport in 29 minutes, at the Tampa international airport at 28 minutes, at O’hare airport in Chicago at the 27, and in Miami in 26 minutes. At the airports in Minneapolis and New Orleans, the average wait times would be at checkpoints, however, with 35 and 45 minutes on the normal framework location.

The TSA is one of the authorities whose funding due to the budget dispute between US President Donald Trump and the Democrats. The security personnel at airports has been working for more than four weeks without pay. The inspectors belong in the United States to the Federal employees whose income is comparatively low. “Many employees report that they are not able to come due to financial restrictions to work,” explains the TSA. In the past few days, the rate of Absence at security staff after the TSA had located-details of well under ten percent.

About 800,000 state employees in the United States are due to the stoppage of Parts of the government in the forced vacation or have to work without pay. The latter relates to those Federal employees whose work is classified as “essential”, so that public life comes to a Standstill – so, for example, the security personnel at airports.

US media reported that some of the affected state have forced officials to look after other income opportunities or to provide boards with Free food.


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