The former coach of the German football Association (DFB), Horst Hrubesch, has criticized the conditions in which young football players are introduced in Germany in the professional area. “I see it as a Problem, that already today, 14-year-old boys have a consultant,” said the 67-Year-old in an Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “The more the clubs will have to put a value on it that the player be brought up to normal people that you are self-employed, self-responsible action and not foreign determined by the consultant.”

Especially critical, he sees the Situation in one of the Junior centres of excellence, where clubs take the players, “everything”. Hrubesch, who has served since 1996, all the DFB youth national teams from U16 upwards, said: “I think also a matter of concern that the guys are going to be very stressed: to play The drive on the weekend, hundreds of kilometers in the Bus away and in the large clubs, under the week somewhere in Europe. Where is the normal development including school.”

The discussion of whether today’s football, the types are missing, he sees critical. A quarrel in the character train, “is no time”. However, he acknowledges that a leader “must not always be a Effenberg”. At the end of the total counts for Hrubesch structure, as he says: “I’m types about how a team works.”

“There is only football”

Similar problems, he would not have had as interim coach in his time as coach of the national women’s team. “The girls don’t always give a hundred percent, what is safe for boys always be the case. And they behave perfectly,” said Hrubesch about the different experiences that he gained as a Trainer: “to make the almost all of the in addition to Job and study. In the case of men I wonder, actually, How shall this go on?”

The responsibility for the DFB women had passed Hrubesch in September, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, who will compete with the Team at the world Cup in June, 2019 in France. Asked whether Hrubesch at a possible return as a coach rather work in the men’s or women’s football could imagine, he said: “There is only football.”


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