If you use gas for your business in the form of gas appliances and equipment such as boilers and cookers, then you know very well how essential it is to make sure your appliances and equipment are adequately fitted – and maintained properly as well. The maintenance of your gas appliances and system matters a lot if you want to ensure everyone’s safety on your premises, and regular checks are a necessary task. But if you want to be doubly sure about the maintenance and repair of your gas system, it’s always best to rely on someone who is fully qualified – and no one is more qualified to deal with your gas equipment than a Gas Safe engineer. Here’s a look at the real benefits of hiring a Gas Safe engineer for your gas and heating needs.

Why Gas Safe? What is the Gas Safe Register?

When we refer to a ‘Gas Safe engineer’, we simply mean an engineer who is listed in the Gas Safe Register. The  Register is the official list of qualified and properly trained gas engineers for the United Kingdom. The Register also serves the purpose of providing a list of rules and regulations that gas engineers must follow so that they can be in the register. The Gas Safe Register was launched in 2009 as the official organisation for gas safety, and replaced the former CORGI, with new and updated guidelines for gas handling and safety.

What is a Gas Safe Registered engineer? 

If a gas engineer is registered with Gas Safe, this means that they are on the official list of trained and qualified gas engineers in the UK. With a Gas Safe engineer, you can be sure that you are getting the best standards and service when it comes to the installation, maintenance, and repair of your boilers, cookers, and other gas equipment. Bear in mind, however, that not all Gas Safe engineers are qualified to work on all equipment. Some are qualified to work on commercial gas equipment such as cookers or commercial catering equipment, whilst others are qualified to work on boilers or other types of gas equipment. To be sure about the qualifications of a Gas Safe engineer, you should check the back of their Gas Safe ID card.

The benefits of Gas Safe registered engineers 

  • A guarantee of safety 

Everyone knows that gas appliances and equipment come with their own degree of risk, as they have the potential to create carbon monoxide leaks, start a fire, or explode. Although these risks are relatively low, especially with new units and systems, it is better to be safe than sorry. If a worker who is unqualified tries to tamper with your gas appliances, the risk of accidents can become higher. But with a reliable and experienced Gas Safe engineer such as a commercial Gas Engineer in London from Gasway Commercial, you have enhanced peace of mind – you know that they are following the strictest rules and guidelines for safety in the handling of gas equipment.

  • A guarantee of quality

All the work done by a qualified Gas Engineer will be focused on quality and efficiency as well. Since they are following stringent standards, you know that they will provide you with quality work and a service that meets – and exceeds – your expectations. There will be no work left undone, and a qualified gas engineer will never try to ‘cut corners’ or create shortcuts.

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