was not, As Elon Musk is still Tesla CEO and multi-billionaire, but the mid-nineties, with brother Kimbal in California, the first Start-up, coiled up, came mother Maye regularly from Canada arrived with food, paper, and your last Saved in the Luggage, so she told the magazine “Forbes”.

Almost three decades later, Maye Musk has again the impression that your son needs their support, at least morally. Since the beginning of October, Musk, even as a photo model and nutrition expert on Twitter successfully – about the accomplishments of Tesla, and share media reports about the group your son is critical, as you appear to be.

in fact, report Tesla’s quite a few success messages. The group has, for example, the “sound barrier” of 100,000 delivered broken vehicles of the type Model-3.

Nevertheless, most of the headlines were about the group of your Filius least negative. This is unfair, complains Musk. Your mother’s love is quite doubtful blossoms, however, uncommon: So it suggests with a Tweet, “the New York Times,” put up, possibly, with America’s Oil industry, under a blanket, in contrast to the “100 percent negative” reporting, the newspaper did not explain that, Yes, you have to.

The possibility of the positive developments in the case of Tesla, might have simply gone under in the maelstrom of the Eccentricities of Elon (about his pedophilia attack on a diver, stock market turmoil, triggering marijuana-Tweet, or the tirades against the stock market regulator) draws apparently not considered.

no less squeamish Musks mother goes on business topics specialized news Agency Bloomberg to the court: So you spread the conspiracy theory that an Oil company had paid money to place a Bloomberg report on a Mercedes-competition model Tesla prominently in Twitter.

Here, the alleged proof by Screenshot is probably a fake. Sponsored Tweets are marked on Twitter with only one word: “promoted”. “Promoted by ExxonMobil”, however, does not appear on Twitter.

for This and other Tweets marked with the Hashtag #pravduh. On one hand this is a corruption of the Russian word “Pravda – truth” that Elon Musk seems to like. “Pravda” was also the title of one of the most important Propaganda organs in 1991, the former Soviet Union.

Perhaps this is a somewhat unfortunately chosen Label for calls to more truthfulness.


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