The Team of U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller may have gone to its own information, the victim of a cyber attack. Behind the attack, therefore, hackers put in all of Russia.

the aim had been to hinder the Russia studies and to discredit the results, said Mueller in a Letter. The U.S. news website “Politico reported, among other things,”.

The former FBI chief Mueller is investigating with his Team since may of 2017, the influence of Russia on the U.S. presidential election of 2016 and a possible involvement of the electoral camp of Donald Trump. The studies should be shortly before the completion, it said recently.

“Enjoy the reading”

The office stated in the Letter that the Twitter Account decreases with the name “hacking Redstone” in October 2018, a Post in which it was said, you have gained successful access to the documents. These are online with the words “has been published in the reading”.

In February 2018 Mueller had accused the 13 Russians and three companies to have in 2016 in the US election and the Republicans Trump supports mixes.

Mueller speaks of the “disinformation campaign”

The published Material had been changed for a disinformation campaign “on”, – stated in the Letter from the special investigator. The FBI found during the investigations no evidence that there were attacks on the servers – the IP addresses identified the location of the FBI in Russia.

whence the information comes, ultimately, is still unclear. One of the accused Russian companies, where influence is accused of on the election campaign, the Concord Management and Consulting LLC. It is represented by an American law firm. Parts of the hacked data, according to the office of the special investigator’s information, which is to have shared Mueller exclusively with this law firm.

Trump has denied a choice of interference on the part of Russia. He referred to investigations, to investigate a possible cooperation of his campaign team, with Moscow as a “witch-hunt”.


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