Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job log” to tell people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“at Christmas I have a great desire: I want, nobody has to sleep on the street. The policy needs to do more. To sleep on the road is shit, especially in the Winter when it is cold.

afraid I never had, but I also know some that have been attacked. I’ve spent luckily only a couple of months on the road, and now a roof over the head, but I have many Acquaintances who are still sleeping outside.

The homeless are stations of the railway, under bridges, or from buying house entrances chased like animals. It must change urgently something. Still, it is not too cold, but at temperatures below the freezing point every person should have the opportunity, in the Warm and Dry stop.

In this year are already frozen to death four Acquaintances of mine on the street. Recently a Polish couple met it. Both were dependent on alcohol and slept on the ground without cover. Not woke up the next day.

fixed periods of time at a regular place

I have two courses done, I’m breeding electric technician and skilled workers for Cattle. In this profession I found in the big city can’t find a job. I first worked two years at a shipping company, but the Stress is there, I could not stand. I got unemployment benefits, basic security and eventually ended up on the street. But I didn’t want to just sit around. Through a friend I learned of the opportunity to sell the street newspaper.

I am 60 years old. For 20 years, I sell every Morning from 6:30 to 9 p.m., a street newspaper in a major German city. For several years, the entrance of a large railway court, my regular place. In the area around the station there are a lot of companies. The hurrying people in suits pass me by.

But I also have regular clientele. The buys each month with me a newspaper that gives me to eat sometimes and we chat a bit about work and the weather. I enjoy very much. I like to have contact to people and all of them are always friendly to me, as I’m also friendly to them. Bullying, I have not experienced so far during the newspaper sale.


For the sellers of street Newspapers there is a code of conduct. Alcohol and drugs are during the sale taboo. The seller can also secure a regular place, as I’ve done it a couple of years ago. A good decision. Many of my customers already know me and I get a bit of extra money, food or other small donations.

about nine o’clock I’m heading home now. I live in a residential home for needy men. Here, I’ll pay a little more than 200 euros for the rent for a room with kitchen and shower facilities. Big it is, but I’m satisfied.

Every month, I sell about 100 Newspapers. I buy my Newspapers from the publisher at a price of 1.10 Euro and sell them to the customer on the road for 2.20 Euro. The 1.10 Euro, left over, can I keep.

After lunch, I then drive to my second Job: For three years I give for four hours per day in the case of a charity for the homeless, which is directly connected to the newspaper, coffee and help with food and Clothing. The institution cooperates with the panel. I also have a card and regularly get food.

700 Euro monthly income

The work gives me a lot of fun. Overall, I earn about 700 Euro a month. After deduction of the fixed costs, which are not in the dormitory, fortunately, not so high, I have about 500 euros to live on. With Hartz IV, I would have almost as much money as now, with two Jobs, but that is not an Option for me.

I’m very fond of people. A lot of homeless that come into the establishment, I know. And even when Newspapers sell on the street, I meet again and again known faces and can entertain me. A great feeling.

I Also helped the institution in the last 20 years. One of the most beautiful moments in my life of Church service, I was allowed to over 4000 needy people in St. Peter’s Basilica a visit. Together, we have spent four days in Rome, which was incredible. Then, when I was selected to give the Pope the Hand, I was very excited and overjoyed. The Pope leaned over to me and said in English: ‘I pray for you.’ That was pure goose bumps.

More on the topic of Job of a saleswoman in the retail trade, “Bras for 70, 80 Euro end up on the ground, wide

traipsing” The facility has enabled me, after years of contact to my sister. Here there is a Computer I can use. I wrote to her in Facebook and she replied immediately. She, too, had been looking after me. We now visit us on a regular basis and also celebrate our birthdays together.

I spent Christmas in the past few years in the circles of the other Apartment and the needy at a Christmas party, a TV cooking hosts for us. There is a Three-course menu, and even gifts. On the first day of Christmas, there is always a Celebration in my home.

My friends, the life on the road, I’ll give Christmas a warm blanket, candy, or coffee. Alcohol doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, the generosity of the people is very large, but there is a lack of sleeping bags, which hold even at very low temperatures warm.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.