great shortage of teachers in many basic schools especially in the East of Germany, is well known. But most of the time it will get affected educational establishments, nevertheless somehow, your students to teach. Not a school in Eastern Thuringia.

At the elementary school in the municipality of Unterwellenborn, the District of Kamsdorf, is the injury crisis this week, so large that they had to introduce their students to a temporary four-day week. The school have classes together and the parents are informed that each one day for a class, no teaching could take place, according to the Ministry of education in Erfurt.

At the school, eleven teachers, of which two fail in the longer term, inform regularly, among other things, because of parents time. “Since the beginning of January two of the nine teachers are ill, since this week, unfortunately two more,” said a Ministry spokeswoman. Therefore, to have stood in this week for the eight classes, only five teachers.

The “Ostthüringer newspaper” first reported on the case. Therefore, several parents want to make now, with actions such as a signature list to the plight of your school carefully. The parents “bursting the hat”, the newspaper quoted a parent representative. Mayor Andrea turn have sent fire a letter to the Ministry of education. The lessons of failure was a “slap in the face of working parents”, – stated in it.

The case is now attracting larger circles. The CDU constituency Deputy, Maik Kowalleck informed, concerned parents had reported at the beginning of the week and asked for help. He, too, had sent a letter to the Thuringian Minister of education Helmut Holter, and would turn in the coming days, with a parliamentary request to the government.

staffing was known

The staffing at the Kamsdorfer primary school had already been known for a long time, said Kowalleck. In General, the lack of teachers at the Thuringian schools is a Problem that should not be on the backs of the small schools held. “It’s very important to me that the school site is not compromised.”

That smaller schools are having to close on the Land, been a Problem for years. Reasons for this not the lack of teachers, but in the meantime, or regional strong the declining number of students – as well as an education policy, which relied on a Central, larger school sites instead of the preservation of small schools, however, are in the rule.

The elementary school in Kamsdorf get your crisis now apparently in the grip. Starting Monday, a teacher who in the meantime had been seconded to another school will return to the elementary school in Unterwellenborn, the Ministry of education. The teaching will then again take place on five days of the week.

“of course we Also hope and expect that the short-term sick teachers are soon restored to them, and then, at the latest, in February, the completely regular school is in operation,” said the Ministry spokeswoman.

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