Christmas eve, the vast majority of workers. Only a minority has to work – and some of them are going about their Job even with really great pleasure. As such as the Hamburg taxi driver Gabi Hanke-Gerlach.

In the Interview she tells of the quiet streets on Christmas eve, your melancholy when you look through a stranger’s living room window and the smell of passengers at Christmas.

Timo Lehmann Gabi Hanke-Gerlach , Born in 1959, took twelve years for the first Time with the VW flatbeds of their parents on the farm rum, she loves driving the car. For many years she worked in the sales Department of a large company, for twelve years, driving a Taxi in Hamburg – four nights per week.

MIRROR ONLINE: woman Hanke-Gerlach, do you remember the first Christmas night spent at the wheel?

Gabi Hanke-Gerlach: The back is ten years, but Yes, I remember. It was a strange feeling. As the shift went off in the afternoon, I thought to myself: In three hours you could be home and your Christmas goose dinner.

MIRROR ONLINE: , you Can choose whether you want to work on Christmas eve?

Hanke-Gerlach: Clearly I can say to my boss: “I don’t want to work on Christmas.” But then I also get no money for the day. In addition, the most beautiful day of the year is Heilgabend.

MIRROR ONLINE: Why is that?

Hanke-Gerlach: Christmas are no longer rushed people. It is a completely different mood. All of the guests smell good and are dressed well. All are very friendly and do not spin the same, if you have to wait 20 minutes. It is estimated to be worth more. The courtesy, the people in the car, it transfers. Then they are washed such as soft. It is a beautiful job, I think, if I animated the stop layer.

MIRROR ONLINE: And you wouldn’t prefer to at home?

Hanke-Gerlach: On Christmas eve, the streets are completely empty. The city* is transformed then into my living room, I know each street, each traffic light. It feels like I had everything all to myself. If it is snowing, it is very quiet, you even hear the tires drive over the freshly fallen snow.

MIRROR ONLINE: How long is your shift?

Hanke-Gerlach: I’m usually between three and four o’clock in the afternoon, and bring the people to the coffee, and two or three o’clock in the night the people from the hole. After I finish the layer.

MIRROR ONLINE: do you Have a favorite guest on Christmas eve?

Hanke-Gerlach: Just at Christmas, you meet a lot of older people with touching stories. People who have no families and in the cab of a contact person. People were always constant. Look at what is going on in the hospitals on Christmas eve. Many older people can go there and say you have pain in the chest. Most of the time you don’t want to spend the evening alone, and seek only the companionship. This is already noticeable when Driving, if the loser count.

MIRROR ONLINE: That sounds rather sad.

Hanke-Gerlach: Yes, but you are trying to help. Last year I picked up a demented lady. I got a message from the Taxi-Central: Please get off, ring the bell and the lady. The son had ordered the Taxi. When the woman opened the door and there she stood, no shoes, a slim skirt, thin blouse. You didn’t even know who I am. Then I explained to her that I want to pick you up. I’m with you to the closet, got dressed in your warm clothes, and brought them to her son.

MIRROR ONLINE: Is that your job as a taxi driver?

Hanke-Gerlach: of The profession of a taxi driver is not only drive out of the car. There are also a lot of interpersonal stuff, and you also need to handle with. I think in the case of such guests to my 82-year-old mother, who, fortunately, is still fit – but I hope, if it should be any different, that she meets a taxi driver who would do that also.

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MIRROR ONLINE: children as passengers on Christmas day.

Hanke-Gerlach: children is to drive to nice. I always hang a red Christmas hat on Christmas eve in front of the Mercedes star. Since the children are very happy and the watch front.

MIRROR ONLINE: How did you come up with this idea?

Hanke-Gerlach: That was my first shift on Christmas day. It was a leaflet from the supermarket, a small red cloth cap. I have looked at some point on this star and thought you could do that, actually…

MIRROR ONLINE: decorate your living room on Christmas day a little bit…

Hanke-Gerlach: It will hang in the city so the many lights. If I drive through a residential neighborhood, I see through the Windows the illuminated Christmas trees. I’m not a bit sad, because the own is still not finished. My husband and I decorate the first on the first Christmas day.

MIRROR ONLINE: What are you looking forward especially for your Christmas shift?

Hanke-Gerlach: At the Moment, if someone knocks on my window, if it has been cashed already, I’m down the window and think, maybe he has forgotten something in the car. And then a Hand comes up, it shines on me someone and says: I forgot, I wanted to thank you that today you have been working on Christmas for me.

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