Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job-log” telling people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“My Truck is my home. I have my bed, a TV, a refrigerator, a coffee machine and an electric kettle. I have everything I need and don’t want to sleep somewhere else. A new law provides that we can take weekend a room. I think it’s totally moronic.

Just on the weekend, it is in my opinion also dangerous, many Truck drivers are in a confined space in a Hotel to accommodate. Some colleagues drink just on free days, without regard for their fellow human beings. Because it can quickly lead to fights.

Well on the act, I find that the drivers drive all of the four weeks. I also know people from Eastern Europe who don’t often see a half a year or even longer for their families. This is of course bad.

Truck drivers stink, they say. For me, that’s not true. I shower every day. When I in the evening at a roadhouse parks, I have always the possibility to wash myself for about three euros. Especially Truck drivers from Eastern Europe, however, are not true. You earn in a Six-day-a-week often for only 1500 Euro including expenses, as want and you can’t afford a daily shower. I deserve much better, about 2300 euros a month.

night driving ban

are Especially dangerous, in my opinion, night. The should be urgently prohibited. The drivers drive mostly on Sunday evening and have been busy all day with work. If you then drive all night, to the infamous seconds of sleep and the associated rear-end collisions, the Hiking through the press.

When I was younger, I went quite well at night, but never to the Limit. If I notice that I’m getting tired, I set the Truck down and sleep for an hour. I never would drink alcohol at the wheel. But my beer cozy in the Truck in front of the TV, I’ll let not escape me.


I’m since 1986, a Truck driver. As a child, I lived next to a coal-fired plant, and there is always the large, heavy Trucks seen. I have always found very impressive. First of all, I made a training. Here I also learned to drive big cars. Later, I joined a large German car manufacturer. Since 1991, I go now from Monday to Friday the cars through Germany and the Benelux countries. About 3000 km, I put them back in the week.

The rest periods are often not observed

I start My day early. At five o’clock I start to load my Truck. The car I’ll pick, for example, from a car dealership, or directly from the port, from a Container. This can take up to three hours.

Then I’m out of here. One day I put between 500 and 700 kilometers. With the prescribed working time of a maximum of ten hours a day I can’t get in. I am allowed to drive on the day of nine hours and after 4.5 hours, a break. I try to keep me.

But, the Truck must be serviced, washed, and especially loading and unloading. This time, on average, two to five hours per day, comes once again. So I’m on a working time of 11 to 15 hours a day and am often at five in the morning to 20 o’clock in the evening on the legs.

The control device is easy to let

of Course, this must not be actually. In each Truck there is a display that documents the working time of the driver. Every day after the service end I have to press a button. My travel and break times will be printed on a small slip of paper. These pieces of paper are meticulously collected, even if there is a police control.

Actually, the loading time is considered working time, but as I turn on the display almost never in between, I stop you and to. This is very simple, I just have to press a button.

Also, my principal encouraged me to drive more than I should actually. He then says, ‘Oh, come on, you have couple of kilometers you been yet’, although I can already tell at the beginning of the journey, that I can’t do it in the legally prescribed time. Also, traffic jams are a big Problem here. You want to delay the time of arrival.

a few controls

in My opinion there is far too little control by the police. And that there are, are much too lax. In the last three years I’ve been checked only twice, which urgently needs to be more.

If the police appeals to me on my work times, I say, for example, that the cars were dumped by the company. That’s not true, of course. Or I say that I had to drive a half hour longer because I have found no place to Park. In the last 30 years, has so far always worked.


I am working during the journey, especially through the phone. Up to seven hours a day I keep me with my friends or my family. With a hands-free system is allowed.

looking forward to the reunion

I Regularly encounter but also the Truck, the lurching on the road back and forth and alternately faster and slower driving. When I overtake, I see the Problem: The driver looks at the Laptop football or series and not to concentrate on the road. This is very dangerous.

I’m a happily divorced Single. So there’s no one waiting for me when I come home on the weekends. But also, when I was married, it was my job in the relationship is not a Problem. I was rather glad to see my wife only rarely, we were married for about 15 years and eventually the relationship falls asleep. If you don’t see then for a few days, one looks to be a lot more.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.