In General, women separate, not suddenly. Men will be able to see with reference to some signals the end of a relationship:

1. She is only annoyed

The toilet seat is open, your socks lying around and like you smacking when you eat, you could never suffer. If your partner complains only to you, you should be noisy.

Either there is a Problem outside the relationship and you need to blow off steam, or the Problem is the relationship itself. Deal rather quickly with her, because if you can get upset about you, you at least are still feelings present.

Maybe you has decreased but also the rose-colored glasses of infatuation for good. Here helps only to Talk, because of the open toilet seat is not your Problem. Best offer on

2. You are no longer doing inventory

When couples are pulled together, you know, often, who actually has bought what piece of furniture. If a woman is prepared for the separation, and thus the own or the partner’s, you start to make a kind of apartment inventory.

you realize to questions such as “Who of us two has actually purchased the dining table?” or “What do you think that our TV is still worth it?” Sometimes the common gifts such as your favorite disappear also suddenly picture frames, and Hiking in a cardboard box to their parents.

If present, it will also eliminate all of the sexy photos that exist of her, or you as a Couple. The risk is simply too large, the abandoned Partner uses it out of frustration against you.

3. You can change

A new man, a new hair cut, the good old cliche – very often something to it. Just when women want after a long relationship separate, you also feel the urge for an outer change. A new hair color, a new perfume or a completely different style of clothing could be signs that it is planning a fresh start.

If you begin now extremely motivated to go on a diet and constantly to the gym and running, should the shrill of your alarm bells! Perhaps you would like to increase their market value, or it has long been a new guy.

4. It makes no common plans

if You want to with your partner the next holiday discuss, but you can never find the time? You don’t even know whether you to 90. Birthday can come out of your grandma or to the concert in two months?

Here there are two possibilities: it is really so stressed that she sees no more Land, or simply has other plans for the future, in which you play no role any more.

5. You do not talk about your feelings

men and women are carved from the same wood, but when it comes to the topic of the relationship, there are large differences. While men do not notice is often only at the end that something is wrong, women have identified the problems and analyzed.

Is still something to you, will you want with you to talk about these problems and try to find a solution. The lords of creation, feel the, often unnecessary and unpleasant.

Right uncomfortable, but if you don’t want to talk about their feelings. Then, she puts no value on saving the relationship and is already thinking of separation. PDF coping with Stress better, Our PDF guide shows you how to cope through Meditation and rituals, Stress and Burn-Out prevention.To the PDF guide

6. You do not deal of time to the second

Normally, do women affect the conclusion of the plan, the separation in advance. There is, of course, uncomfortable, you try to spend in the weeks prior to that as little time as possible alone with you.

you will have to work Overtime and until late in the evening, come home on weekends to visit her parents and when joint ventures can not be avoided – always, and invite friends. Time together will definitely be more rare.

7. She has secrets

makes your phone no longer lying around in the open, goes to the Phone in another room or close your Mail program on the Computer, if you walk in the room? There’s no question that your partner is hiding something from you.

In contrast to men, women share with their closest Confidants, before you make a conclusion. Your family and Friends play in time (and after) the separation a very important role as a counselor and a Comforter. They are usually already privy to their plans and will behave in the presence of the strange.

8. She avoids affection

At the beginning of a relationship, couples can barely leave the fingers from each other. Over the years, this passion goes back to the rule. The Sex is less and also the time, in hours Knut accordingly to the Couch and sat.

This is normal – after all, no one is forever, like a fresh-lovey-dovey Teenager. The Sex stops completely or becomes the chore program, is anything Amiss.

women have completed with their partners, to avoid tenderness. Your girlfriend is when you Kiss and Hug is emotionless and/or tense, this is not a good sign!

the Huffington Post/Wochit U.S. psychologist, explains that These four things will destroy any relationship relationship separation break up

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