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“be silent, Chancellor 2.0” in Austria is the “word of the year”. The society for Austrian German, last week, announced a couple of days before Sebastian celebrates his first anniversary as Austrian Chancellor. Justification of the choice of this word is that Short in his first year in office, any reaction to him unpleasant issues can be avoided. And “2.0” because of the “silent Chancellor” 2005 word of the year was, as the then head of government Wolfgang Schüssel-in-law to the extreme right-wing Statements of the FPÖ.

Short-avoid it, as well, to obtain antics of the right-wing populist coalition partner, the FPÖ, or to criticize those responsible to the public. This has an obvious reason: In previous years, Austrian politics was marked by large koalitionären squabbles, and people are tired of these quarrels. “We want a new style and with a voice to speak,” promised Shortly after his swearing-in as chief Minister on may 18. December 2017. He thought nothing of it, other “anzupatzen”.


Text is silent, even if his Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl from the freedom party device in the criticism, because the Ministry arranges a dubious RAID on the protection of the Constitution, among other things, to determine the extent to which the FPÖ affiliated fraternities under observation. It is the strong will to seems, to avoid a public quarrel at any price, and as a coalition is a closed image. Succeed him, criticism bounces off Short, because a majority of the voters right there: In all the surveys he is a year after he took office.

praise from the United States – also from the Ex-Trump-species

And also international interest in this man, who was already with 23 years, Secretary of state, with 27 foreign Ministers and with 31 Federal Chancellor, is huge. The US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, said: “I think, Sebastian is a rock star.” Steve Bannon, a former chief strategist of the US President, Donald Trump, found words of praise for Short. Almost all of the major news magazines of the world have reported extensively on Short-and his government, some, like “Time” and “Newsweek” devoted to him even the title of the stories. No Austrian politician since Bruno Kreisky (Chancellor from 1970 to 1983) was international so much attention.

A year government in Short has shown that right-wing populism has become socially acceptable. A Cry in the EU, sanctions even in the year 2000, the first FPÖ government participation failed to materialize. Only Israel is denied any contact with the politicians of the FPÖ due to the proximity of some of its officials to neo-Nazis and extreme right-wing fraternities, and because of anti-Semitism in the past. That, of all things, the FPÖ occupied the Ministry of foreign Affairs, does not make things easier.

to be Minister for foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl, who came to worldwide fame, because they knelt, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to their wedding, invited, and dance before him, is not tired to emphasize, independent. Short the impression of a broken, tries, meanwhile, relationship, counter to Israel by almost weekly press releases to send to his efforts in the fight against anti-Semitism.

Kneissl, Putin (R)

Short of the image change

The government is effortless, it’s often about appearances, and Short of a master is to maintain this. So he had changed after his election as leader of the conservative ÖVP in may 2017, the party’s colour from Black to turquoise, and the name of the party took to the election, “list Sebastian Kurz – the new people’s party”. In the years prior to that, he had managed to connect his, at times, political opponents vowed to work with the more intense image. He managed to transform his Image from a political rebel and party-goers to the serious, but still young.

half A year after taking office, the government of Austria took over the EU presidency, under the Motto: “A Europe that protects.” It was a Promote a fortress Europe, and as a counter-position to Angela Merkel’s policy to welcome cultural thought. Regularly spoke Briefly from the “protection of external borders”, of opportunities, refugees outside the EU home. The Minister of the interior Kickl wanted to bring you “concentrated” and provided with these choice of words for a scandal. The government also worked to the top of those who rejected the UN-migration Pact. “Identitarian” and other extreme Right-wing brag that they had set their Agenda.

Everything is broken on the issue of immigration down

domestically, the government was in its first year, while tax reforms in favour of people with low-and middle-income. In Essence, the coalition pursued but it is a business-friendly policy. For protests, especially the introduction of the twelve hour day and sixty hour week. All voluntary, major Chancellor and Minister.

Otherwise, the government reduced almost everything on the subject of foreigners, refugees and Migration. As a reduction of the minimum protection, as the means of social assistance in Austria, it was decided, and stressed that this measure will meet mostly people with a migration background. People without a knowledge of German will now receive less money.

Each Offense of an asylum-seeker was used to make the mood. Then again, it was said to the public, it will close mosques to the radicalization contribute and parallel societies are being transported. In addition, several imams would be reported. However, this “measure against political Islam” did not stand up to a legal test, the mosques remained open. But the public impression remained: We are doing something against the Islamization of Austria. The consent values rose.

Islamic center of Vienna (file photo)

“A shame,” or “the best government”?

Remarkably often, the FPÖ continued to odd accents. So she began to object, including the Minister of health – a ban on Smoking in restaurants, although almost 900,000 people in a referendum debates. Direct democracy, which calls for the FPÖ on a regular basis is suddenly not matter. In addition, the FPÖ moved the extension speed of 140 on motorways. This prompted the Head of the liberal party Neos Beate Meinl-Reisinger, the first year of the government’s Short with the words “Smoking, lawn and racism”. The “rising nationalism” prepare your Worries.

As Meinl-Reisinger, all do not see the course. Many Austrians, like the course of the government. The climate in the country has changed, the limits of the sayable have shifted. Unpopular journalists are met with hostility by the Ruling personally, in a Demonstration last week, registered to social cuts, referred to as a “giant mess”, the damaging of the Christmas business. All of this is tolerated in Public, usually with a shrug. Although some call this government “a disgrace for Austria”, but many hold for “the best this country has ever seen”. Also, in the future, it is likely, therefore, right-wing populist failures, to get into the mood.

And the Registrar is more silence.

Combined : A year, Sebastian is Short now as Austria’s Chancellor in the office – and continues to do so, as were it not for the failures of the right Alliance partner, the FPÖ. His government continues to focus successfully on the subject of Migration, pulls whose chain? people with no knowledge of German and tried to imams to be shown. International this course is carefully monitoring. In Germany, there is harsh criticism of the right trends and the sometimes bizarre behavior of the Powerful – in total, but comes just Short, even with the citizens.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.