Models of ABL Life Insurance promote its new DIY product at the insurer’s office in Seoul. Photo courtesy of ABL Life

Seoul-based insurer targets health-conscious customers

ABL Life Insurance announced on July 10 that the company had launched a new health insurance product, which helps people design customized coverage.

Toward that end, the Seoul-based company noted that the do-it-yourself (DIY) policy has a variety of riders designed to meet specific demands.

Policyholders can arrange their plans to expand coverage of specific diseases like cancers or vascular disorders. Specifically, they can prepare for hospitalization, surgeries, or death.

ABL Life also came up with an option of the simplified issue insurance, which lets people win approval with minimal health questions.

The option is geared toward those who need to obtain life insurance right away or those who don’t wish to submit to a medical examination for some reason.

Those aged between 15 and 80 can purchase the policy. They can select the expiry date from three alternatives of 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years.

They can enjoy the protection of the new product through the age of 100 by renewing the policy, according to ABL Life whose history dates back to 1954.

“Our new health plan enables clients to deal with their health risks, which are different from the lifestyle and medical history of their family members,” said Jason Eun, the chief of the company’s marketing and product departments.

“I hope that folks will be able to enjoy a better life by reducing their concerns on diseases at a time when the life expectancy continues to rise.”

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