Able C&C has launched an all-in-one online shop, called My NUNC.Com. Photo courtesy of Able C&C

Missha maker introduces integrated online mall

Korea’s leading cosmetics maker Able C&C, which operates the Missha brand, has launched an all-in-one online shop, called My NUNC.Com (

The Seoul-based outfit recently said that it had opened the online mall to sell products from as many as 190 brands, including Missha, A’Pieu, Lapothicell, and Beauty Blender.

Able C&C said that the company had integrated all its previous online malls into the new comprehensive site.

Along the same line, Able C&C also debuted a mobile application dubbed NUNC, which helps shoppers purchase products at Able C&C stores.

In time with the advent of the fresh online mall and the mobile app, Able C&C has started a promotional event. For example, new subscribers to My NUNC.Com will get a discount coupon of up to 30 percent.

NUNC refers to the multi-brand shop of Able C&C, which introduced the first NUNC store in Seoul last June. Since then, the outfit opened scores of more NUNC shops across the country.

Able C&C said that the unique name shows the firm’s brand philosophy of attempting to make every moment special and precious for each customer as NUNC means the literal “now” in Latin.

We strive to offer convenient user interfaces and fresh purchase experiences. We will create an online shop full of trendy products and quality content,” said Kim Seon-min, chief digital transformation officer of Able C&C.

Able C&C is one of the representative cosmetics makers in South Korea with such famous brands as Missha, A’Pieu, and Mefactory. Over the past several years, the company has briskly tapped into the global markets.

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