For the Person private/ Wagenbaah Erica Millar activism and the gender identity research on the history and politics of reproduction and abortion is active. Under Gender Studies, sociology, and history, taught at several universities in Australia, since in 2015 she teaches at the faculty of sociology, criminology and Gender Studies at the University of Adelaide.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mrs Millar, abortions, in many States, although legal, nevertheless, the Pope has compared them recently with a Contract killing.

Millar The words of the Pope? I’ve heard of that here in Australia, nothing. But, of course, has been achieved since the protests of the women’s movement in the seventies something: Today, everyone knows at least that abortions exist, that is progress. And it is easier to have an abortion.

MIRROR ONLINE: Nevertheless, In Germany the practice, according to an ARD-Search less and less to Doctors, abortions, Doctors, the on your Homepage about abortions to inform a criminal offence. And in the United States has closed between 2011 and 2016, one-quarter of abortion clinics.

Millar That’s right. Since the Supreme Court in 1992 ruled that the States can introduce measures to women to dissuade abortions, the Situation has worsened: It has become much harder to abort. On the other hand, there are, for example, Ireland, one of the most conservative countries in the EU, the decriminalized now abortions.

MIRROR ONLINE: you have called your book “Happy Abortions”. Can make abortion happy?

Millar This is of course provocative. Of course, I don’t think that abortions can only make you happy, or should. The experiences and life worlds of women are a heterogeneous lot. But I asked myself: Why accept it so impossible for us to think that abortions can also mean happiness?


Millar If we are talking about abortions, then just think about how difficult it is for women. And, that a termination of trauma, remorse, grief, and shame produces. Strangely enough, we assume that all women react the same, only with negative emotions. Social scientific surveys have shown the opposite: women don’t feel the whole time of grief and shame, if you are unintentionally pregnant, and the Chance to have an abortion. Many will feel relieved and abortion is perceived as a profitable experience.

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Happy Abortions

My body belongs to me – not for a long time

Wagenbach Verlag; paperback; 224 pages; 22 Euro

MIRROR ONLINE: In the public debate, dominated nevertheless, the idea of an abortion had a major psychological burden.

Millar Maybe it’s because often people about abortion talk in the General Public, who had never. In this discourse, it is about women, how they should have abortions feel; driving, women are often as a negative stencil of the “good mother”. There are various emotion scripts: one to the Public, where abortions as difficult and traumatic to be discussed, and one in Private, where women tend to think more positively about abortion.

MIRROR ONLINE: In the debate, certain Stereotypes of female sexuality and motherhood are reflected?

Millar Yes. And I think this is due to a lack of diversity in terms of the role of the woman. The idea that the Mother is not provided only, of course, but also the greatest happiness for every woman, is still strong. Therefore, the speech is also often assumed that driving women and women, people without children shame: they are faced to have failed.

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MIRROR ONLINE: In your book you write, shame is a culturally constructed Emotion.

Millar of shame is not without culture. You are ashamed because you failed due to social expectations, norms and values. The grief after an abortion, which is effectively provided, is a product of our culture: In the past decades, one could observe how the abortion discourse has shifted to the suffering woman. To consider instead of abortion as a self-chosen end of an unwanted pregnancy, it is often measured as the killing of an Autonomous system – the emotional damage after an abortion the woman must be serious. Abortion opponents use this as a warning: if you are an abortion, you will inevitably grieve.

MIRROR ONLINE: opportunities for women today are not yet very much more choice? You can have an abortion in countries such as Germany, after all, without risk for own life, also well aware of for a childless life to decide about in favor of a career.

Millar Theoretically, Yes. But just because you have the option of a legal abortion, does not mean that one has access to it. An abortion is not cheap. And it is a free choice, thinks the value of the package that it is charging. If you had an abortion, justifies you in front of everyone, including himself. And because you have touched on it: women who focus on their career, are not to be regarded as a deficient being, to be on the concentrated, what they want, but really: mothers. This is a standard, produced by the stereotypes. For instance, the stereotype that the children’s regret-free woman later, not to have children.

MIRROR ONLINE: When women are at the end yet so little – has failed feminism?

Millar It is not feminism, but quite a lot of Feminismen. One of them is the West-oriented white feminism of the middle class. Worked on the freedom of women before the law, but not in many other factors that produce inequality. In the case of the demonstrations for abortion rights in the seventies, the majority of feminists were of the view that all women make about abortions thoughts. And in the same way. However, it was for working class women, or for Women of Color often to the contrary: Wherefore, not for their own children and to be mothers. This perspective has played in the discussion, not that big of a role. This is different today.

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