The story seemed to be consistent: Boris Becker was invited at the invitation of his former Manager Ion Tiriac in a Ceremony at a Country Club in Romania, which is also the world rank list first, Simona Halep. There are photos that show that the two interlocutors. The Romanian newspaper “Libertatea” reported that Becker will work as a consultant for Halep.

In the article even Details as to the alleged agreement. Therefore Becker “20,000 euros per month or 10,000 euros per week (when he is at tournaments in the application) should be received” as compensation. Various international media picked up the story.

The denial of Becker followed immediately. “I guess Simona Halep, but I will definitely says neither her coach nor her advisers”, the 51-Year-old. “There is absolutely nothing on it, no time.”

Becker had been at the event in Romania, “but just to make my dear friend and Mentor Ion Tiriac, a joy.” Halep had separated in October after four years of your coach, Darren Cahill. Most recently, she prepared with Florin Segarceanu, the captain of the Romanian Fed Cup team, for the new season. However, Segarceanu made it clear that he could not take care of Halep permanently.

Becker had trained between 2013 and 2016, Novak Djokovic. Since August of 2017, he works as “Head of Men’s Tennis” at the German Tennis Federation (DTB). He is also in Grand Slam-as a TV-expert. Outside of the tennis court, he at least ensured his bankruptcy, the auction of his trophies, and the separation from his wife, Lilly, for headlines.


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