the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has announced that it is to improve the care of the patient with AIDS such as diapers and wants to overturn the current tendering practice in remedies.

“patients and people in need of care must be able to rely on diapers, crutches and generally all the necessary tools are good and reliable,” said Spahn of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. The previous price war for the cheapest offer, “too often, the patient’s detriment”. Therefore, there will be no future invitations to tender for a AIDS and more.

Currently, the health insurance companies can diapers and other necessary toiletries contest. This led to many incontinence patients are supplied with cheap diapers or a few diapers. Attempts, for the tender quality requirements to enforce, according to the report, as unfit.

In the future, to complete the funds, therefore, under contracts with remedies manufacturers and suppliers, in which quality standards are anchored. Next to diapers, this was stockings also for other products, such as wheelchairs or support, it was said from the Ministry.

For the Reform wants to change Spahn, the planned date of service and supply act, which was discussed last week in the first reading in the Bundestag. The corresponding Amendment was already agreed to with the skilled politicians of the CDU, CSU and SPD, it said in the report. The prohibition of tenders could be decided, therefore, in the first quarter of 2019.

What is the cost for health insurance, people are not able to quantify the Ministry on demand.


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