In the process because of the cover-up of abuse allegations, the French public Prosecutor has called for the acquittal of the Lyon Archbishop Philippe Barbarin. “A part of the offence is time-barred, and for those who are not time-barred, there were no criminal States,” said the Prosecutor’s office, according to the station France Info.

cardinal Barbarin and five other clergy is accused of abuse allegations against a priest to have not followed up – this should be become in the 1980s against dozens of children grip. The investigation against the barbarian had been in 2016, set.

The Deputy state attorney Charlotte Trabut argued that the Archbishop could not be proved that he had concealed the alleged abuse of young scouts by pastor Bernard Preynat intentionally. Also failure to help could not.

“I’ve never tried to hide these unspeakable acts, let alone to cover them up,” had told barbarian to the process kick-off on Monday. During the procedure, also abuse victims had testified.

the barbarian was, according to observers, for a long time as a kind of shooting star of the Catholic Church in France. In 2002, he was only 51 years ago, the Archbishop of Lyon, and thus the highest Catholic institution in the country.


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