The world’s image of Frank Schäfsmeier has cracks to get in this week. The 54-Year-old is the boss of the camping, in the Westphalian town of Lügde. A place that has become a cipher for a case of abuse, whose whole extent is not yet foreseeable, although the investigators out of about a thousand single deeds.

Three men sit in custody, including the alleged main perpetrators Andreas V. Since 2008, he is said to have always needs for children, including his eight-year-old foster daughter. According to investigators a crime scene: The campsite, on the Andreas V. lived for many years. The unemployed bachelor was fond of children, as harmless. “No one here would have imagined,” says Schäfsmeier on Thursday on the phone.

And yet the question of whether alarm signals were overlooked plays in the investigations of the public Prosecutor Detmold an important role. Because, apparently, there were already in 2016, the year in which Andreas V. the little girl, hints at possible sexual abuse.

How, specifically, the instructions were, how seriously they were taken, why they had no follow – all that need to show the investigations by the public Prosecutor’s office. Even now, the impression that the participating youth welfare offices were in the assessment of the Case disagree however; that first position, not the gifts took, apparently, the whole truth; and that there were possibly only in the case of the youth welfare offices failures, but also perhaps to the police.


The mother of the little girl Hameln lives in the district of Pyrmont touched, therefore, the local youth welfare office was responsible. The woman wished for at the beginning of 2016, to give the child in Andreas V. in care, says a spokeswoman for the authority. We have therefore initiated a test procedure, the financial situation and the living situation of Andreas V. looked at.

During this test, in August 2016, reported the father of a family, Jens R. with a serious allegation to the police, so he tells it, the “lippische Landeszeitung”. His two daughters had been touched by Andreas V. immoral.

The Detmolder senior public Prosecutor Ralf Vetter confirmed that a witness in August 2016, to the police, the youth welfare office and the children applied the protection of the Federal government. The police had forwarded the notice to the youth welfare office lip. Police investigations have not, however. “We will check now, whether the police need not take any further steps would have been,” said Vetter.

In the opinion of the district of Lippe was no mention on Wednesday of a note due to sexual abuse. There is only a suspicion of neglect of care was mentioned, you have checked the end of 2016, “immediately”. The note came from the job centre, the Andreas V. supervised. The result of the test: A neglect is not seen, but there is a latent child was at risk. It is recommended that the colleagues at Hameln a different living environment for the child.

caravans of Andreas V.

This recommendation had, however, lived no consequences: Andreas V. and the girls more on the plot. The youth welfare office, Hameln-Pyrmont saw that it had apparently no Problem. “The two had a extremely high level of social commitment,” says a spokeswoman.

the head of The youth office’s lip, Karl Eitel, John, criticised the decision. “We would not have given to the child at Andreas V. in care of,” he says of the MIRROR. It was not an “education-friendly environment”. To give children in General, in intact families.

That sounds like blame. The Prosecutor Detmold determined, however, against employees of both, the youth welfare offices, the suspected violation of welfare or education compulsory.

The spokesperson of the youth welfare office, Hamelin said, a reference to the sexual abuse you have received in connection with Andreas V. never. The note from the job centre to be investigated together with colleagues from the lip. But possibly this second note by the end of 2016 is to be assessed differently than previously known.

“moved This indicator to the suspicion of neglect of a child, not a potential abuse,” it said in the message of the district of Lippe.

But the news Agency dpa reported now, citing the Prosecutor’s cousin, it was the Statements of the care father, which could indicate sexual abuse of the child. Also in this case, the police have passed on the note to child protective services. And also this time, there had been no investigation or a notice to the public Prosecutor’s office.

Cordon of police

So, it took up to a display in November 2018, before the foster child was brought to safety. And up to 6. December, before police Andreas V. arrests.

About five weeks later, they came to a 33-Year-old needs together with him, children are abused, and the abuse also filmed. A 48-Year-old from Stade, to have been purchasers of children pornographic material. Overall, the investigators handed over 13.000 files of the Federal criminal police office. You assume that there are other perpetrators.

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