In Budapest was taken on Wednesday evening, a 30-year-old Portuguese. The Portuguese law enforcement authorities had obtained against the accused, a European arrest warrant, among other things, allegations of attempted extortion, and the possible illegal obtaining of data. The Portuguese authorities seek his extradition.

The French lawyer of the arrested, William Bourdon, who has represented in the past, Edward Snowden, as well as the prominent banking Whistleblower Hervé Falciani and Antoine Deltour, referred to his client as “a great European Whistleblower and part of Football Leaks”. He wanted to lead the world the criminal activities in football. Bourdon said in a press release that it is the Detainees to Rui Pedro Gonçalves Pinto. Bourdon was jointly instructed with a Portuguese and a Hungarian lawyer of Pinto.

The revelations of Football Leaks about illegal transactions in professional football have led in recent years to numerous investigations in various European countries. The Football-Leaks documents enabled a number of European States, among other things, to punish serious cases of tax evasion.

Pinto, so his lawyers in their communiqué, have received in the past few years, “threats”: the “Numerous agencies from the world of football have been recognised, in order to make him silenced.” The lawyers would now do everything to prevent his extradition to Portugal. They stress that Rui Pinto as a Whistleblower sun, in particular for the protection of the law.

Also supports the American Foundation “The Signal”, the Whistleblower, has assured the imprisoned Portuguese.

the MIRROR and The research network of the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), for more than two years of research, based on records of the unveiling platform Football Leaks. For reasons of the protection of whistle-blowers MIRRORS and EIC do not comment in principle on the identity of possible sources.

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