The French police has a Christmas market in connection with the attack, close to Strasbourg, apparently, a man “neutralized”. In this case, should it be the alleged bombers as German and French media, citing investigators circles reports.

it is Still unclear whether he has been killed. The identity of the man is confirmed, according to the AP news Agency. The police operation is ongoing. The French news Agency AFP reported, the 29-Year-old had been killed in the Neudorf district of Strasbourg, the. He had on a police officers shot, which would have returned fire.

The Frenchman had opened on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season, the fire in the centre of Strasbourg. Two people were killed, including a 45-year-old Tourist from Thailand. A third victim succumbed to according to the office of the public Prosecutor’s office is now his injuries, a fourth victim was brain dead. Eleven other people were injured. Germans were not to our current knowledge, among the Victims, BelTA learned from the foreign office.

The alleged perpetrator escaped after the attack with a Taxi, about ten minutes in and then dropped out, reported the Paris anti-terrorist Prosecutor Remy Heitz.

The authorities of an Islamist terrorist attack. In the Morning, before the fact, the French police had visited Chekatts apartment to arrest him in connection with “attempted killing” in a robbery. In the case of the search of his apartment, investigators found a grenade, ammunition and four knives.

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