A man is on a business trip, rises in the morning in the Hotel for a shower, slips then in the bathroom and breaks his knee. An Accident At Work? No, the decision of the Thuringian state social court in Erfurt.

showers during a business trip is not covered in principle by the statutory accident insurance, stated the judge (Az.: L 1 U 491/18). This is because: The statutory insurance covers only activities that are closely linked with the actual tasks in an employment relationship.

food, for example, or a different “maximum personal performance” like that in the shower for cleaning the body are not, therefore, in connection with the employment and are therefore not covered by insurance. The judgment is dated 20. December 2018 and has now been known.

In the specific case, had violated a project Manager in November 2015. He slipped on the wet floor in the bathroom of a hotel and wanted to have this as an accident at work recognised. The professional Association refused to do so.

The man moved in front of the social court, but had no success. The judge rejected his lawsuit. He was not learned in the vocation of a defeat procedures but again.


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