At Amazon, one is convinced, apparently, of the Power of the robot. The company already uses in its logistics centers, tens of thousands of machines. With Amazon Robotics, the group has done even a separate Department that does nothing else, as a new robot for your own needs.

that’s not enough. In addition, the US wants to buy group now for up to $ 300 million warehouse robot from the French company Balyo and thereby at the same time, 29 percent of the shares from the robot manufacturer back up. Soon even more automatic warehouse to roll through Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.

in order to collisions with the staff of flesh and blood, has begun the company in the past year to more than 25 locations to distribute the new safety vests to its employees, reports “TechCrunch”.

so Far, you have to the robots via remote control to enter, when and where an employee was in the warehouse, on the road, such as fallen should have been. So you have defined, in a sense, a virtual no-go zones, in which the machines are not likely to retract.

The new West want to automate this step. Sensors in the robots would recognize the protection of the West employees at an early stage and allow them to avoid these self-employed, says Amazon-Robotics-Manager Brad Porter.

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this step is supply, apparently, because of the rapidly increasing robotization of Amazon’s logistics. According to its own information of 100,000 transport robot roles currently through the halls of 26 of the world’s 175 logistics centers. The machine would work so efficiently that you can store 40 percent more items, says the company.

in addition, the robot would, unlike human workers, even after a long shift and not get tired, need breaks. Another reason is that machines are on strike, very different than people fighting in Germany again and again for better working conditions.


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