Between the Bavarian winter sports resorts Gschwend and Balderschwang in the Allgäu went off on Sunday morning at 4:45 a.m., an avalanche, the road was filled in on a section of 150 meters.

Now about 1300 inhabitants and tourists are stuck there, the police announced Oberstdorf. “The Riedberg pass, as a precaution, locked, because here, too, avalanche danger,” said a police spokesman. The only connection from the German side to this popular destination is blocked in the Allgäu. Also the access from Austria is possible.

supply for the approximately 1000 metres in height, lying in the parish is soon backed up and swung, but for the time being, the power lines are intact. “An evacuation is not currently planned,” it said. 40 people were brought from the nearby ski resort Grasgehren in safety. When Balderschwang will be achievable is unclear.

Due to the weight of the snow on the trees and the avalanche danger Driving on the passport is risky. A Commission of experts of the mountain rescue service and the authorities wanted to advise for lunch the other approach.

restrictions in the movement of trains in Bavaria

The railway can drive their trains because of the winter weather in the Allgäu. Is affected by the route between Munich and Lindau . “Between Immenstadt and upper snowy trees could topple baptized into the Track,” said a railway spokesman. That is why would ride all the trains and long – Distance transport with significantly less pace . Rail passengers would have to adjust to delays of around 20 minutes.

Because of the snow on a number of routes in the southern part of upper Bavaria to a standstill . Also in the Bavarian forest, road closures are still in force.


in addition to the large amounts of snow further danger due to a temporary thaw threatens in Bavaria now. On Sunday, the warm front of a Storm of Bavaria crossed, so that the snow could be rain even harder, as the German weather service (DWD) announced in Offenbach. The rain event on the existing Snowpack, which would increase the snow load on the roofs of houses in the Alpine and Alpine regions close to.

impassable roads, steam engine stuck

In lower Bavaria, has brought fresh snow to many accidents and road closures , police and fire services recorded more than 150 operations. The police announced, there was until the Morning of the 24 accidents. A man was seriously injured. In many places, rushed – for instance, in the country of Deggendorf and Straubing circles arc trees on the streets, because the weight of snow was too great. A number of roads were not passable. Clearance are reported to be for the helpers is currently too dangerous, because more trees could fall over.

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has to fight not only the South of the country with the extreme winter weather. In the resin had been threats on Saturday due to heavy snow, the journey of the Brocken railway . On Sunday morning, it was decided that for the time being, no steam trains from Schierke to the summit would continue as an employee of the Harz said narrow-gauge railway.

On Saturday it was still a train with passengers stuck in the snow. Steam locomotive and passengers were brought back to the valley. Already on Tuesday, a steam locomotive came on the way to the summit and had to be shoveled for days. Failures of the Brocken railway in heavy snow storm, but not unusual.


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