Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser decides now also for human values, and not alone for the business. No 24 hours prior to the opening of the most important this year, investors – and economic conference in Saudi Arabia Kaeser said now his participation in the Riad.

Previously, had already been deleted, numerous other corporate executives, bankers, and politicians in Protest over the violent death of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi your participation. Green, FDP and the Left had pushed Kaeser in advance to cancel.

In an unusually long opinion Kaeser reveals the Dilemma of his decision. On the Tuesday beginning of the conference Future Investment Initiative (FII) is discussed billion in projects for the further modernisation of Saudi Arabia.

there are business opportunities for Siemens in the amount of up to $ 30 billion by 2030, writes Kaeser. Nevertheless, he had decided against participation. “It is the cleanest decision, but it is not the bravest”, writes CEO of Siemens.

He makes, in his opinion, how hard to him, the decision was made. He had three options. Option 1 have refuse been “easy to hide as most of the ‘Mainstream'”.

Fast Cancel in the case of smaller business interests

It was striking that the Cancellations were made, the faster, the smaller the business interests are, Kaeser. As Option 2, he would not have to go and – as others – a representative can send. Finally, had there been an Option 3, namely, “to go and talk about it.”

The Siemens in-chief refers to the fact that sometimes situations develop so that “no one can win, and every Option is wrong”. The so-called Khashoggi-crisis is a Situation, and that it is not always easy “to find the right Balance between values, interests, and the right time”.

in addition to Obviously ogled Kaeser first of all, in fact, with the Option, but changed his mind. At a conference in Toronto he expressed last week: “If we stop to talk with countries where people are missing, I would have to stay home, because I could talk to anyone.”

After more Details about the death of the Dissident at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul were made public, and a far-fetched depiction of the events of the Saudis has been published, has had a change of heart Kaeser. To the cancellation Kaeser writes: “This is not a decision against the Kingdom.” The most important was that the “truth” come to light and justice will be made.

Siemens also sends no representatives to the Riad

In contrast to other corporations where the Chairman of the Board at the meeting in Riyadh not to take part, but nevertheless, delegations arrive, attracts, Siemens is a clear line. There are no Siemens Manager would arrive, it says on request. Also as a speaker provided for the Siemens medical technology chief Bernd Montag does not go to Riyadh. The role as a Sponsor of the conference was not able to terminate Siemens.

As it is called in economic circles, is the Cancellations of several corporate bosses are also a lot of hypocrisy in the game. The Rejections would only imply a staying away from the conference, but not the end of the business relationship to Saudi Arabia. To the business prospects in the Region are far too important.

Siemens chief Kaeser had his hesitant attitude of the business prospects of the German technology group in the Region. Siemens is represented in nearly 90 years in the country, such as in power generation, with driverless metros in Riyadh or in medical technology, and has several Thousand Employees in the UK. There is also a community company with Saudi investors.

While Siemens and Kaeser is now the conference in Riyadh, plays the former Siemens chief Klaus Kleinfeld a large role in investors ‘ round. Kleinfeld is now a personal Advisor to the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman. Kaeser and Kleinfeld were once colleagues on the Board. Kleinfeld will report Kaeser sure what was discussed.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.