fat people he criticized for their laziness, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, he is thanked for his good deeds. Now, it has forfeited from the Ukraine-born ballet Star Sergei Polunin with the Paris Opera. The prestigious Opera house, invited the 29-Year-old short-hand. He should be dancing in February in a production of “Swan lake”.

The Paris Opera, said that “public Statements” Polunins with the values of the house are compatible. Last week Polunin in social networks had argued, “to slap fat people”, because he “could not accept their laziness”. Then there was a storm of indignation. The Paris Opera dancers Adrien mechanical hand called Polunin a “disgrace” and declared the Ensemble to stand for “respect and tolerance”.

In the week before Christmas was published, the dancer in the photo network Instagram also images that show a tattooed Putin’s portrait on his chest. To this end, he wrote: “Thank you to Vladimir and anyone else who stands for the Good.” It was “not easy to be good and to choose the light.”

Polunin maintains Long been the Image of a “bad boy of ballet”. In earlier Statements, he had about as much respect for “effeminate” dancers. He was born in the Ukraine, but Recently the Russian citizenship.


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