The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst arrived after six and a half months in space on the earth again. The “Soyuz”space capsule with a Gerst, the U.S. astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor and the Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev landed on Thursday morning after a nearly three and a half hour flight in the winter steppes of Kazakhstan. The showed Live images of the US space Agency Nasa.

“Welcome home,” wrote Nasa on Twitter. The Russian space Agency, Roscosmos, tweeted: “There is a landing. Welcome home.”

on Thursday want to travel Gerst to Germany: A machine with the 42-Year-old is expected to 20.45 on the military part of the Cologne/Bonn airport. After that, it should go for Gerst to a medical research facility of the German center for air and space travel (DLR) in Cologne.

The spaceman was on 8. June on the ISS arrived. He is not only the first German commander on the International space station. Combined with his two previous missions to the space station, was not a German for so long in All like Gerst: for almost a year.


Gersts second long-duration mission on the space station under the Motto “Horizons”. Since then, the “Astro Alex” became popular spaceman and his colleagues carried out on the ISS, a variety of experiments in the framework of the Mission “Horizons”.

The most popular Tweet of “Astro Alex”

Gerst widely used in addition, hundreds of messages via Twitter. Most of his images of nature have been shared disasters, such as hurricane “Florence” in the United States, or the forest fires in California and commented. “Hurricane Florence is so huge that we could only with a wide-angle camera to capture,” he wrote, for example, on 12. September. The image is made up of around 400 kilometers altitude, it was almost retweeted 25,000 times.

Gersts return to earth was delayed after the false start of two colleagues from Russia and the United States with a Soyuz rocket in October. In the meantime a detachment arrived but on the International space station, U.S. astronaut Anne McClain, canadian David Saint-Jacques and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko.

The return journey from the space station to earth using the Soyuz space capsule is considered to be technically demanding. After uncoupling the capsule grid is initially unchecked in the atmosphere, the air friction creates temperatures of about 2500 degrees. Massive forces are pressing the people in the Interior of the capsule in the seats.

After landing, the astronauts need to first help to get out of the capsule. Due to zero gravity the muscles are flabby, and the body has to get used to the pull of gravity.

“Soyuz”space capsule with Gerst on Board

After his return could Gerst celebrate Christmas with the family. “Yes, he’s on holidays, sports and Training for the purpose of regeneration and Rehabilitation must be carried out,” said a spokesman for the European astronauts centre in Cologne, Germany. 27. December it more then with his other activities: the repetition of experiments, gathered in his time on the ISS data.

Video: Alexander Gerst returns to earth



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