it Would be gone after Theresa May, they would have ruled the Brexit. The Parliament should not get in her way, so was the Plan. But then the Supreme civil court decided in November of 2016, that members of Parliament must first give its consent before the United Kingdom requested officially exit the EU. Applicant at the time: Gina Miller, a Fund Manager from London.

And activist.

The judgment, which shaped the debate about the role of the lower house in the Brexit process is crucial. Ultimately, the Prime Minister had to admit the deputies also have the right, on the exit agreement with the EU vote, the vote that delayed May well, because you otherwise would have faced a bitter defeat.

Because it rejects the Brexit, Gina Miller vilified for years in the UK. In the past few weeks, she says, would have increased the death threats again. Miller is fighting for a second Referendum. In an Interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, she explains why this should be the last bailout – and why the Opposition is of no help.

To the Person AFP Gina Miller , 53, has founded with her husband an investment Fund in London. In the company she works as a marketing Director. For years, the woman works with roots in the South American country of Guyana as a political activist. In various initiatives to fight against the Brexit. With your suit for a say of the Parliament they became known internationally.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mrs. Miller, of 2016 you will be drawn against the government in court. Were they clear that they would cause such a mess?

Gina Miller: Sadly, I have to say that I had already a feeling. Already before the Referendum, I had noticed how little idea had many of the relations of great Britain with the EU. For both the Leaver and the Remainer, was the election more like a political game. They had no Plan for the Brexit. I was hoping that we would toast with our actions a real debate on the consequences of the exit.

MIRROR ONLINE: have you Had success?

Miller: I am very disappointed by the deputies. When they voted for the exit request, in accordance with article 50, was not the most clear on what they were doing. Now they seem to Wake up. But it may be too late.

MIRROR ONLINE: Theresa May has postponed the vote on the Deal. Some even fear that she wanted to bypass the Parliament. A legitimate concern?

Miller: The government wants to delay the whole process until the Parliament has hardly any options. If the exit date is not postponed, it remains only the choice between this Deal and a Brexit without an agreement, what would be a disaster. This is almost extortion. We certainly have a further Alternative.

MIRROR ONLINE: you mean a new referendum.

Miller: Yes. And the European court of justice has just made clear that the UK can stop the Brexit. There are in Parliament, not a mathematical majority for any solution, not for the Norway model, not for a hard Brexit. And we have no more time for further negotiations. Mays Deal will fail in the lower house. Then you have to apply for an extension of time up to the outlet. And your rescue will be a leash for a referendum. There is no other path that leads us out of this mess.

MIRROR ONLINE: critics accuse you and your comrades-in-arms, to ignore the democratic decision of the British for the Brexit.

Miller: This is not honest Argument. Democracy does not exist only for a day or a vote. It is an ongoing process. You have to strive permanently to the consent of the population. Besides, it’s not even a pure remake of the referendum by 2016. At the time, we were standing in front of the General decision-making: Should we stay in the EU or get out? Now we would vote on the specific options that are on the table.

MIRROR ONLINE: What does this mean?

Miller: May has for your Deal hardly support – neither in Parliament, nor in the population. I think that we decide in the end between a Brexit without agreement, and the remaining in the EU.

MIRROR ONLINE: Would not push for another Referendum, the split of the country?

Miller: there is no evidence, no study that demonstrates this Thesis. I’m much in the country, particularly in constituencies that have voted in favour of the Brexit. I hear from people especially that you have the nose full. You want to finally have a solution to be able to return to work. In addition, they will have little confidence in the politicians. Of course, people want to decide now, after all of that, what you now know about the Brexit.

Brexit answers to all important questions

MIRROR ONLINE: Theresa May has survived a confidence vote in the Tories, but with no good result. It is still the Right thing in office as Prime Minister?

Miller: your opponent does not want to even get your hands dirty. At the Moment, they are therefore likely to be quite happy, if it May is, the corners must be at the forefront of all the blows once. With its announcement that the next election is no longer to compete, it makes the Prime Minister’s potential successors, but also easy to be seen. In addition, the hardliners and the Pro-Europeans could some of the currently hardly on a common candidate.

MIRROR ONLINE: And what is your personal opinion? To stay May?

Miller: This is a matter for the Conservative party.

MIRROR ONLINE: at The Moment, the pressure on Labour in Opposition, a motion of censure against May grow.

Miller: Labour is lacking in clarity and guidance in this matter. I’m afraid that party leader Jeremy Corbyn waits until the last second, before he supports a referendum. Then, if it is not in truth enough time, the Referendum also. This is extremely deceitful. So an opposition should not behave in a leader.

MIRROR ONLINE: And if in a new Referendum, again we have a majority for Brexit?

Miller: Then that would be fine. As well as whatever the result, we have to live with the result.

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