Long he want to keep secret, writes Matthias Schweighöfer on Instagram – “for the protection of our children”. But now it is a matter of “misunderstandings and speculation to dispel”. The message: The actor and his partner Ani Schromm have separated over a year ago.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t have done it, to get your love, the 37-Year-old. “But we are still good parents and always there for our children.” Schweighöfer and Schromm, are parents of a daughter and a son. Already in 2012 they had separated once temporarily.

look Love you for this post on Instagram

your. It is time you something what is close to my heart. For the protection of our children, I’ve long tried not to make it public. Decisions in life are sometimes very difficult. Not beautiful and sad, hurtful and scary. But, nevertheless, it is sometimes unavoidable. Ani and I have been separated over a year ago. Unfortunately, we have not managed to get our love. We continue to be good parents and always there for our children. I do this publicly to avoid misunderstandings and speculation to overcome. Thus, peace comes into the lives of our children and in the family. In my life there is now a new woman. I’m excited to see what brings the future. Thank you for Your understanding.

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in the Meantime, the German movie star is apparently in a relationship. “In my life, there is now a new woman,” who tells him his Fans. “I’m excited to see what the future brings.”


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