The Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson got married over the Christmas holidays in secret. “We both wanted to cross that threshold somehow. I’m not particularly religious, but believe in love,” she said in the US the Show “Extra”.

they had rented with friends and family in a hut. “We have made it especially for us and our families,” said Ferguson. Obviously, it was quite relaxed: “With boots, wool socks, shaggy sweaters, Play, Snooker and table tennis,” have you married.

she had worn a dress, but a skirt. “I can shorten, and in the summer in Greece,” she said. She was a practical person. Her son Isaac have worn the rings. Your six-month-old daughter took the Motto of relaxation, apparently, seriously: you’ve slept through the entire ceremony, said Ferguson.

The marriage didn’t change anything in their relationship. Only one thing ready to your pleasure: you and your Partner would call now, all the time “Hubby” and “Wifey”.

The fist 35-Year-old played in the last two “Mission: Impossible”films, along side Tom Cruise, the former secret agent Ilsa. The man is only known that he is Rory. His last name she keeps secret. The two have a daughter. From a previous relationship Ferguson’s eleven-year-old Isaac comes.


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