After that summer of the century is also the beginning of spoiled us now the end of autumn, with the heat rays of the sun. But one thing is for sure: at some point he will come over night – the first snow. Well, who is prepared, and the solid winter boots with well-profiled rubber sole provided.

in order for you to know what tires the rims of your car at the best "recap", the ADAC tests and the latest winter specialist. Each model is investigated in 18 individual criteria and a rating. Because only in this way, the ADAC judgment of our Tests can be buying a reliable scale when Mature. The models, which solve all conflicts in a very balanced way, and receive the coveted title of "Good", are particularly recommended.

tyre size 175/65 R 14 T

In the 175er size for small cars like Ford Ka, Hyundai i10, Renault Twingo or VW up! the TS 860 Continental and the Winter Response 2 from Dunlop, the first places are occupied. The differences are small: Both convince with a large distance to the competition, especially in the wet and on snow. The good Firestone Winterhawk 3 achieved the best rating simply because of a slight weakness in the side guide in the wet.


The width of the midfield is usually devalued due to mild-to-clear deficits in the wet or snow, the Pirelli Cinturato Winter and Semperit Master-Grip 2 because of Dry-weaknesses.

FOCUS Online/Wochit tire pressure monitoring systems: Expensive, error prone and pretty useless

The Chinese-Taiwanese Nankang Snow SV-3, offered by Internet retailers, on a wet road, not a good figure. And the glaring weaknesses on snow, complete the "defective" overall appearance.

tyre size 205/55 R 16 H

In the larger 205-Dimension for compact cars like Ford Focus, Kia Cee'd, Mercedes A-class or Škoda Octavia achieved very balanced models the best rating: the TS 860 of Conti, the Winter sports 5 of the Dunlop and the Goodyear ultra grip 9. Because the differences between these expensive premium products is rather marginal, it is worth to compare prices in all cases.


That high-priced premium models do not automatically test winner, the best proof of the width of the middle of the 205-table of results. The Michelin Alpin 5 loses because of his somewhat weaker snow Performance, the connection to the top group and must join the queue, even behind the Krisalp HP3 of its second brand of glue.

FOCUS Online scratches in the paint itself

remove the claim in three easy steps The premium, the Cinturato Winter of the formula 1 Supplier Pirelli has, since 2015 is a daughter company of the Chinese ChemChina. In the wet and snow of the Cinturato will meet expectations, but on a dry track, he ranks in the test box in the back.


A tire from Hankook is now the sixth largest manufacturer in the world – in both sizes, because new blends on the market. Therefore, we took a model of the second brand, Laufenn, which will be offered since 2016 specifically for the European market. The result of the I-FIT: prima in many individual disciplines, but extremely weak in the wet. And that is in the ADAC judgment, just not very balanced, but simply defective.

So the overall score is calculated

The total grade is calculated from the individual grades. The judgment and the overall grade will be devalued, if a tire in the tests Dry, Wet, snow, ice, consumption, wear and tear, fast running (this time: passed all) only "satisfactory", "sufficient" or "defective" cut.


The common tyre test by the ADAC, the European partner clubs and consumer protection organisations is backed up by a multi-stage purchasing process, inspections, and the model-anonymization during the Tests quality.

The tires label: How good is it really?

A freezer it good. He only needs to solve a "conflict": decent cooling, and as little power as possible to consume. The efficiency, the device receives the coveted best energy label "A+". ADAC

Since 2012, also need such a sticker tire: Colored scales and letters from A to G classify the fuel consumption, wet braking and exterior noise. Would be great if you could differentiate with a view of Good and Evil. But what works in the freezer, is on a tire is not transferable.

Why? Because you can’t rely on the values of the tire labels – all the information of the manufacturer. Just an example from our Test: the Goodyear ultra grip 9 as well as the Laufenn I FIT the brakes to the Label when Wet with a "C" classified. So well? Because of The Goodyear brakes in the Test, more than ten meters shorter – an extreme difference! Therefore, the ultra grip 9 are going to get the good Wet-overall grade of 2.1 and the Laufenn only a 5.5 – defective!

FOCUS Online/Wochit Winter-tips from the ADAC: So car drivers safely through the snow

The tire label mainly describes the conflict between efficiency and adhesion properties. It is, in fact, fuel consumption is lower, the lower the rolling resistance. To the interlocking of the tires with a low profile structure with more of the road. But for good adhesion in the wet, the exact opposite is required: a strong profile for a high degree of interlocking with the floor and a soft compound for the liability.

However, a tire, driving in sun, rain, mud, snow, or ice, not only has to solve one, but a variety of conflicting goals. Factors such as Aquaplaning, winter conditions, driving stability or durability is not taken into account the Label.


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ISP Wolfgang pit in The snow disciplines braking, traction and Handling. in the Finnish Ivalo hazards

Background: The ADAC, Europe is testing far

The tire tests are the classics of the ADAC and performed at the international level The convoy of the Tester during the summer or winter is across Europe: For the tests on dry pavement's on the test site EUPG of Bridgestone to the Italian Aprilia.

The disciplines of Wet, noise and consumption take place at the Contidrom in lower Saxony, Jeversen, where in the AIBA hall also Attempts to walk on ice. Snow is tested on the test world site in the Finnish Ivalo, the wear and tear on Bavarian streets or on the dynamometer in the Roman TCE from Bridgestone. The last checkpoint is the safe speed in the MPA Darmstadt, Germany. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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Text: ADAC/Thomas Kroher. Photos: ADAC/Wolfgang pit ADAC winter tyres

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