The free most generous TV show goes to the next round. In the fifth, to be precise. “Adam seeks eve” will there be this year is very likely. RTL has now been announced when the new season starts. And the first celebrity candidate to stand. Now, this is – as in many RTL-Reality-formats – with the designation of “celebrity” such a thing. In General, you must explain why the candidates are actually prominent. After all, there is a candidate that you already know from some Reality TV formats.

Who the Format of the “Adam seeks eve” does not know yet: In the RTL show is a Dating Show in which the contestants are naked (!) in the South seas meet. So far, on an island, this year on a sailing ship, a so-called “love yacht”. The goal is to find the great love. Bickering, Bitching wars, and Flirts are of course provided. And again, “Pormi”-candidates meeting on normies.

Here you will learn the most important information to “eve to Adam” in 2018:

when the addiction starts the new season of “Adam seeks eve” in 2018?”Adam seeks eve” 2018 will start on Saturday, may 3. November, from 22: 30. Five episodes are scheduled for five consecutive Saturdays. Already from 3. November you can see all the five episodes of “Adam seeks eve” 2018 starting at 23:45 in the Stream at TV NOW.Who are the candidates for “Adam eve” in 2018?

In the last two seasons, also some of the celebrities in the show. Because RTL holds also in the case of “Adam seeks eve” in 2018.

Now all the candidates of the shipment. Three celebrity candidates want to get together with ten “ordinary guy”-a candidate for the great love.

As two-thirds of the same-Called “celebrities” inevitably the question arises, why the are actually prominent, we explain how one could, you know.

“Adam seeks eve” 2018: The candidate in the Video Gina-Lisa Lohfink (32) is a candidate for the “Adam seeks eve” 2018

In terms of Reality TV speilte this woman was already in the Champions League: Gina-Lisa Lohfink (first pictures of Gina-Lisa with the colleagues from*) in the jungle camp in 2017 and has been) ten years ago, by participating in the “Germany’s next Topmodel” (GNTM known. 2015, you had to buy contestant in celebrity Big Brother alongside and also in Shows like “rent, residential” and “The perfect celebrity Dinner”.

so let us summarize: In Germany, there is hardly a celebrity with less Reality TV experience than Gina-Lisa Lohfink. And, you know, that Flirts arrive in front of the camera. In the jungle camp, it seemed as if it would run between her and Alexander “Honey” Keen what. Why it came not. At least not as the camera.

announcing such As RTL, Gina-Lisa Lohfink be the first celebrity contestant on the love yacht on Board. About your expectations of the Naked dome, Show, you uh says: “Yes, it’s watching a…… on there. Is normal!“ What is Gina-Lisa actually,

Naked knows you, by the way. In 2010, she undressed for men’s magazine Playboy, and two years later she left for the Penthouse, the shells fall.

On your Instagram channel is Gina-Lisa Lohfink by the way, these job titles: “Model, Influencer, Reality TV, Travel, Beauty, Tattoo, Fashion”. What a Jack of all trades!

+ Gina-Lisa Lohfink is a candidate for “Adam eve” in 2018.© addiction dpa / Ursula Düren

Gina-Lisa Lohfink is from the first episode on Saturday, 3. November, to see if “Adam seeks eve” in 2018.

Emilija Mihailova (28) is a candidate for the “Adam seeks eve” 2018

Dieter Bohlen was right: As Emilija Mihailova at American idol in 2018, took, out flew you in the first Motto Show. The American idol judge, there was still a TV career. “You wanted to be known. The did you reach. I’m sure that more and more people of TV-formats are going to call you, to want you for the jungle and the devil knows what, as a spectator, to see you here.“ Bohlen was, in spite of their separation in American idol for sure: “I think we’ll be hearing from you much and see.”

and lo And behold: Well-a year and a half Emilija Mihailova candidate for the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018. The Naked-Format seems to be the ideal Show for you. Already at American idol she was a bombshell and it was with skimpy Outfits. Vocally, she was at best above average.

Emilija Mihailova you know already naked. You pulled off during the broadcast of American idol in 2018 for Playboy. Also on your Instagram Account, you are free quickly.

Dieter Bohlen stressed by the way that Emilija came Mihailova him anything other than sympathetic over: “American idol is also a sympathy competition. And actually, you did EVERYTHING wrong. How is this going to reach people? ‘I’m only on the Porsche. Was just shopping in Miami.` Because the people suck.“ Lucky for Emilija Mihailova street, the spectators at the “Adam seeks eve” 2018 is not on the decide.

forecast: Emilija Mihailova is as a candidate for “eve to Adam” 2018 seeks to polarize to the extreme. She will do anything to get noticed! The jungle camp could be said – as Dieter Bohlen – the next Reality-TV-Format for you. According to the magazine Closer it is to pull of 2019 in the Australian Bush.

+ Emilija Mihailova is a candidate for “Adam eve” in 2018.© addiction MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorow

Eimilija Mihailova is from the fourth episode on Saturday, 24. Novembhe searches for “Adam to see eve” in 2018.

Jan Sokolowsky (29) is a candidate for “Adam eve 2018”

Huh addiction, who? The extremely tattooed Jan Sokolowsky, you know, if you have seen in the past year, “Love Island” on RTL II. In the Dating Reality Show in which the candidates present as possible freely. Fits so well to “eve to Adam” 2018 addiction.

Together with Elena Miras Jan Sokolowsky “Love Island” in 2017, won. The “love” was just a Fake? A few days after the end of the Show, the TV Couple have split. Meanwhile, Elena is with one of the other candidates, with whom she has a child.

And Jan? He is since March in the Reality to see the soap Opera “nurses – Full dose of love” on RTL II. In the series, he plays the bartender Felix Kling.

What else? On the side of his management: “Jan Sokolowsky has many talents: 1.96 meters wide, this düsseldorf native, is a skilled media Kauffmann, was self-employed with an own CrossFit Box, and referred to himself as a life artist. In the last three years, coffee lovers and Tattoo Fan, among other things, as a Soap actor, fitness coach, Influencer and the bartender earns his living. He is a happy nature, always has a Smile on his face and is also a real family man.“

A Instagram Account, Jan Sokolowsky has, of course. You guessed it: a Lot of pictures with a lot of bare skin.

What qualifies him for the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018: He knows Reality TV pandering.

forecast: Jana Sokolowsky accesses are guaranteed to a woman. It remains to be seen whether Gina-Lisa Lohfink or Emilija Mihailova street is the celebrity candidate. Of a “relationship” would all what. Finally, you would get as a “Couple” even after the end of the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018 the attention of the media.

+ Jan Sokolowsky is a candidate for “Adam eve” in 2018.© addiction RTL II

Jan Sokolowsky is from the second episode on Saturday, 10. November, to see if “Adam seeks eve” in 2018.

“Adam seeks eve 2018: they wanted no candidate

for Sure is that Sonni Hönscheid – sister of Janni Hönscheid, winner of the third season – would like to participate in the “Adam seeks eve”. As the Stand-Up-Paddling-European champion told in an Interview with the picture, could you imagine the Show taking his clothes off. “Why not. I am very satisfied with my body, feel comfortable in my own skin. And the concept of the RTL-Show I thought was good,“ said Sonni Hönscheid. “All of us in the family are free spirits and life since we are small at the beach. And a Bikini, it is only a step better two – up, I’m naked,“ said the 36-Year-old.

sister Janni (27) had participated in 2016, the third season of the dome Show, and lucky you: In a Moderator, Peer Kusmagk, the professional surfer has found her great love. Today the Couple is married and has a child (and has received for this picture, the Annoyance of the Fans). Proof that love knows no clothes!

How did you actually love from Janni and Peer? #adamsuchteva #janni&peer #love

shared A post by Adam Eva is looking FAN page ! (@adam_sucht_eva) on Jan 21, 2018 at 7:36 am PST

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for other couples as well. The winner of the last season, Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada, in spite of the wedding preparations just a few months after the end of the Show.

Hey my #team Natalia’s! Omg the sun is here !!! I’m freaking out at every tiny ray of Sunshine … If in Germany the weather would be permanently, I would be much happier, the good weather has a positive effect on my mind. How have you spent this day ??? Were you eating ice cream? Or at a picnic ?! If you want to know where I bought this Kleind, you should look into my current Story . Sunny greetings, your Natalia xoxo ——————– #advertising #spring #colorful #reddress nostress #blonde hair dontcare #colorupyourlife #sunnshine #27degrees #love yourself #love your life #spring outfit

A post shared by Natalia Osada (@nataliaosada) on Apr 18, 2018 at 9:08 am PDT

“Adam seeks eve” 2018: The broadcast dates on RTL – All follow in the Stream at TV NOW


broadcast time (start)

Saturday, 3. November


1 (Start)

Saturday, 10. November

23.20 PM


Saturday, 17. November



Saturday, 24. November



Saturday, 1. December

k. A.

5 (the Finale)

RTL shall also: also New is, that already during the broadcast of the opening episode on RTL, on Saturday, may 3. November 2018, from 22: 30 (then every Saturday at different times), the new, complete five-piece “Adam seeks eve”-season starting at 23:45, online exclusive at TV NOW available to see!

“Adam seeks eve” in 2018: Who are the “ordinary guy”candidate?

The RTL shares to the “normal” candidate with:

Jennifer (27, Dietmannsried in Bavaria): she is 1,70 m tall and weighs 57 kilograms. Include the Hobbies of the technical Illustrator to Paint, meet friends, Swimming, and mountain climbing. Jennifer is Single, and for five years Single.

+ Jennifer (27, Dietmannsried in Bavaria).© MG RTL D

Mahta (38, from Hamburg): practice the profession of industrial clerk. At 1.70 m. she weighs 53 kg. Her interests are Modeling, as well as Gymnastics, art, and long walks in nature. And to meditate you. Mahta is single and for over half a year Single.

+ Mahta (38, from Hamburg).© MG RTL D

Marina (27, Augsburg): Marina is 1.72 m tall, and 65 kilograms in weight. In addition to her profession as a commercial clerk model. Fits to your model dimensions, it is also active in their leisure time, like physically, and goes Hiking, swimming, Jogging or shopping. Marina’s been two months since Single.

+ Marina (27, Augsburg, Germany).© MG RTL D

Sarah (22, Geest land in lower Saxony): Sarah is currently completing training as a retail clerk. She is 1,75 m tall and weighs 75 kilograms. In her leisure time cooking, baking, and singing. Sarah is unmarried, and for five years Single.

+ Sarah (22, Geest land in lower Saxony).© MG RTL D

Sherilyn (21, Rüdersdorf, Berlin): 1.60 m, weigh the help of a casinos 49 kilograms. Her interests are singing, Fitness, and celebrations. Sherilyn is married and for three months Single.

+ Sherilyn (21, Rüdersdorf, near Berlin).© MG RTL D

Antonino (36, Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg): Antonino is a body Builder and fitness model, and weighs in at a size of 1.77 m 84 kg. It prefers to spend his free time in the gym, but also cooking and spending time with family are very important to him. Antonio is single and for one and a half years, a bachelor.

+ Antonino (36, Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg).© MG RTL D

Emanuel (32, Stuttgart): As a self-employed entrepreneur in the automotive sector, he has made his Hobbies into a career. He is busy with cars, likes to travel, and a great balance to my Job is cooking for him. He is 1,75 m tall and weighs 78 kilograms. Emanuel is single and for three and a half years Single.

+ Emanuel (32, Stuttgart).© MG RTL D

Martin (28, Chemnitz): Martin is studying and doing his Master in customer relationship management. He has already brought his own T-Shirt brand called “Karl head” on the market. In addition to the Expansion of his independence, he has to drive with his Hobbies football, travel, Ski, and bike. At 1.96 m he weighs 86 kilograms. Martin is for three years, unmarried.

+ Martin (28, Chemnitz).© MG RTL D

Marvin (23, from St. Margrethen in Switzerland): Marvin is 1.74 m tall and weighs 74 kilograms. Fans of Italian cuisine will come to the family’s own Snack bar, where the Single is employed. In his spare time, Marvin rides a lot, makes otherwise Sport or out of town. He is a journeyman for eight months young.

+ Marvin (23, from St. Margrethen in Switzerland).© MG RTL D

Peurcy (27, from Oldenburg): Peurcy is a Rapper, and studied music and sports with a passion. He is 1,80 m tall and weighs 83 kilograms. Peurcy is for three and a half years Single.

+ Peurcy (27, from Oldenburg).© MG RTL D”Adam seeks eve” 2018: what are the rules?

begins as soon As the Singles “Adam seeks eve” in 2018 aboard the ship “Queen of Atlantis” go, for you to search for a partner for life. On the Yacht, you learn by Dates, games and the common life, and under the Deck to get a better knowledge. At the end of the trip all hope to have their “dream-Eva” or “dream-Adam” found and with the dream partner to the Paradise Camp on the island of Rhodes to collect.

On the large sailing ship is the wild flirting and gebalzt – and the competition is not sleeping. The accurate assessment of the opponent comes at any point. The Singles – no matter whether it’s a celebrity or a “normal” show your best side to your dream print partner. Many of the withdrawal options there is not and conflicts are inevitable. Fortunately, however, the Close offers Singles many ways, very intense.

Intimate moments experience for two Singles, if you win by playing games on the Deck or on the beach on a Date. The rewards range from a beach picnic to a romantic night in the love bunk.

Regularly Singles of the Board must go, and new candidates swim to the ship. By means of group voting, or in-game decisions, it quickly becomes clear, who has no Chance at the big love and the ship has to leave.

In the last episode of the love boat reaches its destination. While on Land, the Paradise is waiting for his Adam and his eve, is on Board for a final decision. Which couple has found each other, and may spend the last night on the beach in a romantic setting?

“Adam seeks eve” takes on a love yacht in Greece instead of

The last season was filmed in the South seas on the Tikehau Atoll in the Pacific ocean. This year is no longer “Adam, instead of looking Eva” on an island, but on the so-called love yacht “Queen of Atlantis”, a sailing ship in front of the Greek Insel Rhodes.

Who moderated the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018?

no-one. Although it was not always so: The first season was hosted by presenter and actress Nela Lee. Then decided to RTL for a new concept and since then the Show in the Form of a TV will be recorded documentary.

“when Adam seeks eve” in 2018?

months ago. RTL announces: “The fifth season of ‘Adam seeks eve’ was produced in July and August, 2018, in the Mediterranean sea, off the Greek island of Rhodes from Warner Bros International Television Production Deutschland GmbH on behalf of RTL.”

What have the candidates of the “Adam seeks eve”?

eddy made last year, a revelation of the image, which has published some of the contracts of the candidates of the fourth season. Among other things, the station received criticism due to the conditions of this contract:

camera Surveillance: “In the common areas (with the exception of the toilet), there will be installed cameras that record up to 24 hours of the day. In addition, at least one camera will be at all times Team present (…). The community area must not be left without permission.“

fee-payout: If a candidate leaves the shipment in advance, he will lose 60 percent of its Gage. In doing so, he gets 20 percent at the time of contract signing and arrival. The Rest will work “at the end of the rotation and complete performance of the service” paid.

makeover-not a ban: “The candidate assures, to the Casting (…) to modify its existing physical appearance without the written consent of (…) in particular, even by Tattoos or other body jewelry.”

mobile and Social-Media ban: “…before the shooting starts, all cell phones are to be handed in ( … ) ( … ) for emergencies, there is a production phone (…) in the exception may be directed to private phone calls under the supervision of the cases.” Also: “The contract partner agrees, both before and after the shooting (…) photos, Videos (…) in social networks. Furthermore, it is prohibited to share photos/Videos of other candidates like.“

Also interesting: the scandal of the salaries for Adam seeks eve – So much more the celebrities earn compared to the “normies”.

you can See here the first case with a picture of the candidate of the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018.


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