wene Art CEO Kim Yong-ki is selected as the second chief of the Academy of Democratic Citizenship and Politics (ADCP). Photo courtesy of ADCP

wene Art CEO will take charge of ADCP as second chief

The Academy of Democratic Citizenship and Politics (ADCP) announced this week that the organization had picked wene Art CEO Kim Yong-ki as its second leader.

The new chief will replace Kim Hong-shin, the former lawmaker who had led the ADCP over the past several years as the inaugural head.

“We held the general meeting on Feb. 28 to select Kim Yong-ki as our new chief,” the ADCP said.

The ADCP is geared toward fostering civic pride and a sense of ownership as voters through educational sessions, seminars, lectures, and campaigns.

Thus far, more than 500 have taken part in the educational sessions.

In 2019, the ADCP held a much-touted event where the candidates for the Seoul mayor convened and readily accepted the election outcome.

“Based on the exploits of former Director Kim Hong-shin, I will put forth efforts to newly identify the raison d’etre of the ADCP,” Kim said.

“In particular, I will focus on strengthening communications and harmony of our members and other stakeholders in line with the spirit of the age.”

The Seoul-based entity is operated by the Korea Civic Education Institute for Democracy, which is affiliated with the National Election Commission.

Kim Yong-ki has worked in the art and performance business throughout his career. He is also an outsider director of the country’s copyright-related organization and vice chairman at the Korea Basketball Confederation.