the Luxembourg government parties have announced the reissue of their coalition, not just a higher minimum wage and free public transport, but also the legalization of Cannabis. According to a agreement of liberals, socialists and Greens in the production as well as the purchase, possession and consumption of Cannabis for personal use with impunity. The proceeds from the sale are to be spent, therefore, a priority for prevention measures in the area of addiction.

Further details were not immediately known. Also the time frame for the planned activities still remained unclear.

in June had been adopted by the Luxembourg Parliament a bill, the Cannabis as a medicine legalized. Doctors may prescribe accordingly, Cannabis on prescription if you have previously participated in a special training.

legalization is part of the coalition agreement, the Liberals, the social Democrats and greens, have agreed – a good six weeks after the parliamentary elections in Luxembourg. Since then, the democratic party (DP) of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and the Luxembourg Socialist workers ‘ party (LSAP) and the Greens in the Parliament over a very narrow majority of 31 of the total 60 members.

The new Cabinet announced this week is to be given. It is safe to say that since July 2004, acting Minister of foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn will continue to exercise the office in the future. The 69-Year-old is the longest-serving foreign Minister of the EU.

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