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the precise modalities of the withdrawal are Also three months prior to the upcoming withdrawal of the UK from the EU in March is still open – because in London, indignant about the Brexit Deal, Prime Minister Theresa May will in a fight.

The British government under the emergency measures for a possible “hard Brexit”, a withdrawal without an agreement with the EU. As several media reports including the news Agency Reuters and the Guardian – has completed the British Ministry of transport contracts with three shipping companies. The ferries and cargo ships to help in the time after a Brexit, the expected border of chaos in the channel.

The volume of orders is reported to be just under 108 million pounds, the equivalent of 120 million Euro. Currently, ships carry approximately 16,000 trucks per day between French Calais and the British port of Dover. The introduction of border controls in the event of a “hard Brexits” could lead to massive traffic jams and “delays in delivery of critical goods,” such as the Ministry of transport argued.

The members of the opposition party, the liberal Democrats criticized the move as “utter madness”. The government will give public money for daring maneuvers in the last Minute on a hard Brexit prepare.


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