A soldier, to have shown, among other things, in a nightclub, the Hitler greeting, the failure of the lawsuit against his dismissal. The administrative court Koblenz said on Wednesday.

Therefore, it is lawful to dismiss the soldiers, without notice to you, if he violates his official duties and the Reputation of the Bundeswehr harm. This also applies to the obligation to behave outside of the service appropriate, ruled the court, and dismissed the soldiers.

the reason for the termination of the former boat captain in the medical service, several incidents were. He was accused of a bomber jacket with a print of the Imperial war flag worn and in the new year’s eve 2015/2016 night made several shots from a traumatic pistol, and “Allahu Akbar”. He should have also voiced repeated right-wing slogans and the Nazi salute was shown.

court looks to repeat and imitation risk

According to a criminal command the soldier to appeal. The district court acquitted him due to lack of sufficient evidence. The Federal Republic dismissed him from the service. However, the man complained of with reference to his acquittal and the alleged misunderstandings.

in Vain, as the administrative court found. The soldier did acknowledge its obligation to respect and trust, and the Reputation of the German armed forces that meet the behavior violated. The court showed itself on the basis of the testimony is convincing that the plaintiff is shown the Hitler salute, the Nazi-glorifying slogans voiced and a jacket with NS have worn symbols.

So he was in breach of the core duties of a soldier. It is both repetition and imitation risk in force consisted of.

The judgment is not yet final.


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