Baden-württemberg AfD country Manager Ralf Özkara has resigned with immediate effect from his office. The reasons of professional, private and family nature, Özkara, the German press Agency said. They were linked to his resignation demands to the AfD group leader in the Bundestag, Alice ryegrass, he said. About Özkaras withdrawal plans first of all, the Badische Zeitung, Südwest Presse and taz had reported.

Özkara had demanded that ryegrasses of all Offices and mandates would resign if the Association had adopted, on lake Constance, an illegal donation. Then he heard a lot of criticism from his party. Özkara is regarded as an opponent Weidels and as a close Confidant of party leader Jörg Meuthen. Neither the country nor the Federal Executive, there had been but rescission claims against him, said Özkara.

The 48-Year-old the state of switches. He was speaker of the AfD group in the Munich Landtag, he explained. Marc Jongen, who was also AfD-land-in-chief in Baden-Württemberg, will lead the office alone.

The AfD had confirmed that in the past year 132,000 euros from a Swiss pharmaceutical company to the AfD-Kreisverband Constance transferred. As the purpose of the 18 amounts that were paid into the account was given: “the election campaign donation Alice rye”. The money was paid back, according to the this spring – months after it was entered on the account. Donations of Non-EU citizens and citizens of German political parties are illegal.

Known so far is that the donation of a company in Zurich called PWS pharmaceutical wholesale International AG. According to the Board of Directors of the company, the PWS-managing Director had transferred the money “in trust” on behalf of a “business friend” to the AfD. The AfD-Kreisverband failed to report the donations of the Federal center. This would have had to inform the Bundestag about it.

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