On Friday, the judiciary Committee of the Thuringian Landtag picked according to the AfD group, the immunity of its Chairman, Björn Höcke. Now the Prosecutor’s office in Chemnitz takes Höcke an investigation. This could happen as soon as the Letter of the Thuringian Landtag deal with the repeal of the Immunitätdes deputies, said chief Prosecutor Ingrid Burghart.

The repeal of the politician was a prerequisite for this step. The Thuringian AfD-country and group, the Chairman is accused, to have the photo of a victim’s misused. The accusation loud on Offense against the art copyright act. A corresponding display, said the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office.

the Background is the display of the parents of Sophia L., the summer has been the victim of a murder. Suspect a Truck driver from Morocco. The photo of L. had been shown in the so-called funeral March around the riots in Chemnitz in large format. Also Höcke had taken part in it and a relevant photo posted on his Facebook page. According to the copyright law required parental consent for this has not been obtained, according to the Prosecutor’s office.

The immunity protects members in parliaments from prosecution. As long as a member of Parliament has immunity, is excluded from an investigation against him.

Höcke denies the allegations, the photo was misused. “The allegations leveled against me are completely baseless,” said Höcke of the MIRROR. “On my Facebook page I have published photos of the Demonstration, whose participants I was. That is, I have documented a public event on my Facebook page. There is not much more to say.”


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