The SPD politician Ralf Stegner, tweets and much. The recent decision of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, to take the AfD is more targeted, said of the schleswig-Holstein SPD-country leader with the sentence: “the unfortunate Lord had to go Maaßen, in order for this to happen, what was long overdue.”

The political opponents took the template only. The Thuringian AfD-right-winger Björn Höcke widespread Stegners words, provided with the note: “the protection of the Constitution as a campaign aid: The real reason why Maaßen had to go.” Similarly, the AfD group Chairman Alice rye was, at a press conference in the Bundestag.

Hans-Georg Maaßen was offset in November by Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) in temporary retirement, after then the protection of the Constitution President had repeatedly fallen into the headlines. Among other things, because he had met with the former AfD Chairman Frauke Petry, what Maaßen defended always as a usual conversation in the context of its service activities.

Andreas Kalbitz

Meanwhile, Thomas Haldenwang takes the domestic intelligence service, has declared the AfD with a view to possible extremist tendencies now for the “test case”. The offspring of the “young Alternative” (YES) and Björn Höcke-by-step collection of the move “The wing” considers the protection of the Constitution even as “suspected cases”, which means against this is the use of intelligence resources (Observation, V-people) would be possible.

Behind the “wing” is a network of right-wing party members, the fight for power and to rely on party days try. In his report, the protection of the Constitution to certify just the “wings” numerous violations of the principle of human dignity. As a counterpart to the right wing network was formed in the summer of 2017, the “Alternative center”, which sees itself as a moderate compound within the AfD.

The right-wing populists like the secret service-classification once again in the role of victim. What is the meaning of the decision for the party in practice? Finally, election this year, fighting in Bremen, Brandenburg, Thuringia, Saxony and the European election.

the AfD-party leader Alexander Gauland was outwardly unperturbed, said that the measures had “no impact whatsoever on the election campaign”. The head of internal AfD working group on the protection of the Constitution, and Roland Hartwig, defendant, in contrast, recently, that the Federal office of the “utter non-event”, – the protection of the Constitution under test, finally, publicly made, be done, “with the Intention to damage us politically”. It is possible that certain voters “for the voting behavior of influence”.

Björn Höcke (at the regional party Congress of the AfD Thuringia)

at Least two representatives of the “wing are now” under special observation, the top candidate of the AfD in their respective countries. In addition to Höcke in Thuringia this is the Brandenburg country – and group-in-chief Andreas Kalbitz. In both countries, the Höcke and Kalbitz mentioned AfD-regional associations because they are in the recent polls in Thuringia, at 22 percent, and in Brandenburg at 20 percent, there on a par with the ruling SPD. In both countries, the party might even be the strongest force.

The 46-year-old Kalbitz Federal government is politically less well known than Höcke, but has a colorful political past in the extreme right-wing Milieu: Once he joined the Junge Union and the CSU, as a young man, he moved to the extreme right-wing party “The Republicans,” wrote for the right weekly “Junge Freiheit”, visited in 2007, a warehouse (two years later banned) neo-Nazi “homeland-faithful German youth” – which he admitted only after a TV report in 2018.

Already prior to the party the outlet of the previous Höcke-companions André Poggenburg was Kalbitz’ position in the “wings” increasingly became stronger, not least because he has been sitting for December 2017, the Federal Board of AfD. For the protection of the Constitution Kalbitz counts therefore, in addition to Höcke, and the scholar of Islam Hans-Thomas till Schneider to the “relevant” figures in the “wings”.

Moderate forces could demand to be exploited “self-cleaning process”

As far as the classification as a “suspected case” of the internal enemies in the battle of the AfD is open. Frank-Christian Hansel, one of the co-founder of the “Alternative center”, said to the MIRROR now: For a “sensible national-conservative flow” on the floor of the basic law is in the AfD of course, but not for “extremist positions”. This is not an issue “tactically motivated tonality”, but the basic conviction of the AfD. “Anyone who does not share, is not one of us,” said Hansel, the AfD group managing Director in the Berlin Parliament house.

Other representatives of the “Alternative center” by requiring a “self-cleaning process” of YES and “wings”, both groups would have to “disconnect of certain people”. They were “to threaten an existence of danger for the whole party”.

Kalbitz wants to know anything. He gives the impression that he was taking the measure of the constitutional protection left. He could well imagine that in the West voters is quite a disincentive, in the East, he treasures the Situation is entirely different.

An influence on his Person or the state election campaign that he could “neither recognize as an internal weakening of the wing,” he says of the MIRROR. On the contrary, The AfD was “in moments of factually unfounded outer hostility of the importance of the cohesion and the unity-conscious”.

for sure you are not on the edge of the AfD, but apparently. In the coming week Höcke wants to consult with his party friends in a “wing”-Meeting in Saxony about the new location.

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