The AfD is in a tense situation: the administration of The parliamentary group is shaken by internal Fights for competences and responsibilities, auditors to check the books; against group boss, Alice rye, the Prosecutor’s office determined because of the dubious large donations. The protection of the Constitution examines whether he observed the Thuringian regional Association of the nationalists, Björn Höcke. And so far, 1,800 members strong Young Alternative, by Statute, decision, recognised as a youth organisation of the AfD, stämmt against their resolution.

to be more Precise: what is the young Alternative left, for the protection of the Constitution, several national federations took due to anti-constitutional tendencies in the crosshairs: in lower Saxony, then dissolved itself. Of the 260 members of big young Alternative of Baden-Württemberg have declared at least 50 Reform-minded your outlet, including the Chairman. A core of Hardline young alternatives remained.

Single representative of the Federal Board wanted to put the radical activities of some of its youth organisation, considered, therefore, to establish a AfD-youth organization “the party” and withdraw from the existing organization to the support. But they were not widely used, Because the remaining young hard-liners who in turn had mobilized their supporters in the party Executive. The decided to leave the decision to delegate: Now to decide on the future of the young Alternative to a Federal Convention. This so-called small party Congress to advise this weekend at a secret location.

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Parallel written by the hardliners in the youth organization, an Eleven-point paper: At first glance, it reads like a Manifesto of moderation: will song of Germany (“Germany, Germany above all”) in all three verses on the events of sing, but only the third, the TIME ONLINE this document. The third verse of the Deutschlandlieds the German national anthem.

eye-Catching members to be able to from the youth organisation of the AfD be excluded from the probationary period for new arrivals on a year and a half extended. This will solve the “misconduct of individual persons” caused a crisis of confidence, the authors write from 13 States in the document. The core message should be: Look, we’re not so bad. The verbal gaffes of the past few months – all individual cases.

doubt can be another Detail: The communication and mobilization is so important WhatsApp and Facebook groups of young Alternative to in the future to monitor per-country Association “two independent Managers (…) and to set up a Federal body reporting violations”. Such self-control comes unexpectedly from the AfD-youth, decided as no party group of so-called Thought and speech prohibitions rejects. And to the end of the requirement to maintain the “unity of the youth organization” and the “cumbersome structures is pushed”. A start-up to give a rejection.

The top representatives of the nationalist AfD-wing to the Thuringian politicians Björn Höcke to have exerted “massive pressure” that as many Young Alternativler draw the paper, is heard from circles of the Reform-minded. You will see the paper as a sedative pill for the AfD-party Executive, holding it for a little credible.

leak, Rather than re –

start If, in the future, radicals, or reformers in the youth organization Say, it could soon be clear: before Christmas, the young alternatives in NRW want to invite to the country the General Assembly, in Hamburg, there are such plans, Schleswig-Holstein, could follow in January. The aim of the reformers: the necessary two-thirds majority in favour of a voluntary self-dissolution of the youth Association of together, to get and to start then. In the members forums first name suggestions are circulating.

In the other regional associations is to be observed, however, no such tendency. Unclear is also whether in the run up to Christmas, plenty of reform arrive willing members to the national members ‘ meetings, says one from the guide. Especially since the Höcke-wing of the party to support hard-liners could better mobilize. Many of the quarrels to the Young Alternative tired members would rather quit than to engage for a fresh start.

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