The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, has begun an investigation against the AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass. Background of dubious campaign donations from abroad Weidels party.

You have to extend the investigation due to the suspicion of a violation of the party law on ryegrass, reported the Prosecutor’s office. The investigation is set against a total of four people – against ryegrass and already since last week against three members of your AfD-kreisverband Bodenseekreis.

Due to the immunity of the members of ryegrass, the Prosecutor’s office had sent a Letter to the Bundestag and on the expiry of a 48-hour deadline will have to wait.

The AfD had confirmed that in the last year to 132,000 euros from a Swiss pharmaceutical company to the AfD-kreisverband Constance transferred. As the purpose of the 18 amounts that were paid into the account was given: “the election campaign donation Alice rye”. The money was paid back, according to the this spring, months after the date of receipt on the account. However, the fact remains that donations of Non-EU citizens are of German political parties illegal.

Known so far, the donation through a company called PWS pharmaceutical wholesale International AG came with the seat in Zurich. According to the Board of Directors of the company, the PWS-managing Director had transferred the money “in trust” on behalf of a “business friend” to the AfD.

The AfD-Kreisverband failed to report the donations of the Federal center. This would have had to inform the Bundestag about it.

The AfD Federal Executive defended ryegrass in the past week against criticism. The allegations “are without basis,” it said in a decision. The Board of management see “no fault” in the group head.

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