The Afghan capital Kabul has been rocked on Monday by at least one Explosion. In front of the Ministry of construction, a car had detonated the bomb, was confirmed by a spokesman for the interior Ministry, Nasrat Rahimi.

After that, I raided an unknown number of attackers to a nearby Ministry building. From this, the attacker would battles now fire with government troops. The area to the East of Kabul had been provisionally closed. The Ministry of health confirmed so far, two injured.

A government official who works in an office in the vicinity of the concerned Ministry, reported that two explosions, which had been relatively short listen in a row, and another several minutes later. He can hear the battle continuing intense fire. Currently, no one is allowed to leave the office in which he was working. The officials reported that in the vicinity of the stop location is also an office of the United Nations.

this year already have shaken 21 large attacks in the Afghan capital. More than 500 people died, at least 999 were injured. The majority of the attacks of the terrorist militia Islamic state claimed


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