the financing of The WDR is secured until 2020. The station will be approximately EUR 1.4 billion, and accumulated reserves are exhausted. The broadcasting Council informed. “The fact that the WDR can still write black Numbers, we have due to a harsh austerity program”, the Chairman of the Board, Andreas Meyer-Lauber.

He made this statement to the claim for an increase of the Broadcasting fee. The further financial development of the WDR depends much of the political decision-making, such as high in the future, the monthly licence fee will be. Meyer-Lauber: “A further Freezing of the broadcasting contribution after 2020 would endanger the performance of the WDR as well as ARD seriously.”

so Far, the broadcasting fees are 17,50 euros per month. In the beginning of the year, ARD Chairman Ulrich Wilhelm had demanded an increase, the contribution must be adjusted for Inflation. At the same time, the Commission for the determination of the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF) had calculated for the ARD, a Surplus of 544 million euros by 2020.


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