Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Bezos, after 25 years of marriage, a divorce. The two announced this Wednesday in a joint Statement on Twitter. They gave the impression of a consensual separation: “We had such a great life together as a married Couple, and we also see a wonderful future as parents, friends, and partners in companies and projects”. Family and close friends would have already known from the planned divorce.

The Couple has four children, and had called in the past year, together with the charitable Foundation “The Day One Fund”. Jeff Bezos, 54, is the founder and CEO of the U.S. Internet giant Amazon and, according to “Forbes” currently the richest person in the world. The US magazine has estimated his personal assets last approximately 136,9 billion dollars. MacKenzie Bezos, 48, is a writer. US media you write to is also an important role as a supporter of her husband in the founding of Amazon.


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