18 times Robert Beausoleil had already made a plea for mercy – without success. In the 19th century. Calls could come from the supporters of the cult’s founder, Charles Manson now out of prison. A parole Commission in the U.S. state of California, recommended the pardon of the 71-Year-old for almost five decades in prison.

The “Manson Family” in the sixties, had been founded. Charles Manson was staged as a re-birth of Christ – and a series of murders instigated in order to provoke a war between Whites and Blacks in the United States. Among the Victims of the sect, the heavily pregnant wife of Director Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate was.

whose assassination in 1969, Beausoleil was not involved. A court convicted him for murdering the musician Gary Hinman, had been tortured for several days, to death. The judgment was converted as is the case with other members of the “Manson Family” later in a sentence of life imprisonment.

The death of Charles Manson As the devil

in order for free, have to agree with California Governor elect Gavin Newsom to the recommendation of the parole Commission. His predecessor, Jerry Brown had blocked the release of followers of Manson, died in 2017 in prison, always.

Hinmans cousin Kay Hinman Martley announced, not wanting to Newsom – with the message that “this man belonged to outside of the prison walls”. Beausoleils lawyer Jason Campbell said his client was no longer dangerous, and the release “long overdue”. Because: “He is no longer the Person he was in 1969.”


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