US President Donald Trump to his speech on the state of the Nation now on 5. February prior to the Congress – and thus a week later than originally planned. You have agreed with Trump on this date, said the Chairman of the US house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. In a published letter to Trump the front-woman of the opposition, the Democrats invited the President to speak on this day, in the hall of the house of representatives.

Previously had supplied Pelosi and Trump a discussion around the date and the place for the speech. The U.S. President traditionally holds at the beginning of the year, a speech on the state of the Nation. Originally, this Tuesday (local time) had been provided for it.

Due to the week-long partial shutdown of the U.S. government, Pelosi had insisted, however, to postpone the speech until after the end of the longest “shutdown” in the history of the United States. After some Back and Forth, Pelosi had made, finally, from your house right to Trump the speech denied, as long as the Shutdown lasted.

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On Friday the partial government shutdown went to the shops first for a three-week transition phase at the end. The way was thus free for a new date for the speech.

Video to the provisional end of the Shutdown: Pelosi 1 – Trump 0


As Trump, however, has received no budget funds for its wall, provided, he has already threatened with a new Shutdown. As an Alternative he is also considering declaring a state of emergency, in order to get the money bypassing Congress.


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