After the heavy bombing, with 21 dead on a police Academy in Colombia, the government has stopped the peace talks with the leftist guerrilla organization, ELN (national liberation army) for the time being. “If the ELN wants really peace, then you must show to the country with concrete deeds,” said President Iván Duque on Friday. The release of 16 hostages and an end to any criminal actions. Only then is it possible to return to the negotiating table. The ELN spoke of “unacceptable unilateral conditions”.

The government made the ELN responsible for the attack. The rebels have not commented on the allegations yet.

in the Wake of The peace talks suspended arrest warrants against the leadership of the rebel group would be reinstated, said Duque. He your asked all the States to the capture of the ELN commanders. The members of the ELN high command to keep in Cuba.

The Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez announced on Twitter that his country would abide by “the interim government (of Colombia) and the ELN signed protocols for the peace dialogue strictly, including the Protocol for the case of the interruption of the negotiations”.

bombers, was the explosive expert of the ELN,

On Thursday were killed in an attack on a police school in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, 21 people and at least 68 more were injured. Shortly after a ceremony for the carriage of cadets, a man had brought an explosives-Laden car on the grounds of the police Academy General Santander in the South of the metropolis of hazards, and to Detonation. The assassin, a long-standing member and explosives expert of the ELN, came killed in the attack.

around 1800 fighters, the ELN, the last active rebel group in Colombia. Duques predecessor Juan Manuel Santos had ended the decades-long guerrilla war with the leftist rebels of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (Farc) in November 2016, with a peace agreement. The Farc-fighters gave up their weapons and transformed itself into a political party.


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