1. We need a consciousness for Doxing.

With Doxing is drawn in a for a lot of new vocabulary in the public discourse. While Doxing is not a new phenomenon: The publication of collected or trophy data is in the political battle of Opinions in the network, but also in the Gamer and YouTuber scene for a long time a common way to other expose or intimidate. So it is hardly surprising that many people heard Thursday for the first Time of the “0rbit”, the alleged data thief. Some Youtubers have reported against the MIRROR, he had been long previously known, for example in the context of older Doxing cases.

So Doxing is widely used in some scenes, so little has been spoken about it: On the page of the Federal office for information security (BSI) carries out a search for the word to only two hits. And in the most recent annual report of the authority the term is not to be found.

Doxing-victim stand there with your Problem alone. “We need to talk about the effects of Doxing,” urges SallyIsG4y, which operates on a YouTube opinion channel. The 33-Year-old is one of the victims of the data Leaks of the “0rbit”: A SallyIsG4y dedicated advent calendar-Tweet and followed the Rapper Sido. The to published private data had already landed in the spring in the network, in December, you were charged again into the grid.

The YouTuber told, he was already gone when the first incident to the police. The reaction to his display he found unsatisfactory, SallyIsG4y speaks of the “shoulder shrug” and ignorance of the officials, whether or not a Crime was committed. His everyday life had changed the Doxing, says SallyIsG4y: “for example, I made less Videos. And there were calls at my work and at my parents’.”

what is even worse is the uncertainty, according to a Doxing, whether more data will be leaked, says SallyIsG4y. He says: “We should also talk about why someone does something, what is his Motivation for it.”

in General, the network will be niches such as the world of gamers, and web stars often still too little to be taken seriously and respected. This is a Problem, because parts of the gaming scene have become radicalized in recent years, politicized, and sometimes – without that, the masses would have taken note of it.

Although the Radical form of citizenship is only a fraction of the game. However, their ideas and deeds of many young people through platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. If, for example, appears to expose a Person’s young people as a legitimate means, the poison in the long term, the overall social climate.

2. Risks must be realistically assessed .

The latest incident shows once again that Everyone has something to hide. Even those who think they have any secrets, has data other to protect it. Phone numbers in the address book, E-Mails, photos and documents – a Hack of your own mailbox or computer may possibly make the third harder than the hacked user.

The threat has to come from an American secret service or of a collective of Russian professional hackers. Much more realistic is an attack by a jealous Ex-Partner, a personal enemy, or tech-savvy neighbors. It could simply float someone up to mischief – a bored student, or a Horde of trolls with a political Agenda, which dumps data unfiltered in any corner of the network.

privacy advocates have often convey a difficulty to why data protection is so important. Because many users still believe that their data would anyone “interested”. However, a large Leak has to do with a specific interest in particular data only partly: Much of the published information was for outsiders to die, boring – and yet unpleasant for the victims.

3. Conclusion with the data-voyeurism.

Doxing can only exert force when someone is viewing the published data. Only one leaks of the data – but many to the agents by viewing the intimate information of other people, through private E-Mails or chat to rummage gradients, the Concerned threaten or harass, or the information spread.

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“I’m going to assume that the personal data from the latest Leak shared ten thousand times on the private computers of people in the whole of Germany – even though it violates the right of personality if you Nude photos from the Dropbox of a politician”, says the lawyer Peter Hense MIRROR ONLINE.

Who would have a right to privacy, it should be the other. Therefore: stay away from leaked data.

4. We need to protect ourselves and others.

Internet users should try to back up your data as well as possible: you can activate Two-factor authentication, good answers to security think about the questions or use strong passwords – each of which functions only with a service.

Similarly, one can check whether his own data might already be part of a larger data leaks. Digital self-defense not only protects the user but also third parties.

5. Safety must be the default setting.

Also providers are in the obligation. You should specify, for example, minimum standards for secure passwords and users from stupid mistakes, warn about before, to use “password” as the password, as it is the most popular German email providers GMX and web.de possible.

in General, the extent of Doxing could-often at least narrow down, if Tech companies would react to information faster – for example, by locking accounts that are clearly used for Doxing. The data-advent calendar of “0rbit” was, for example, to the dismay of the Affected until Friday.

Concerned – especially if you operate large Accounts – also need contact person in the event that their accounts have been hijacked. The SPD Bundestag deputies Helge Lindh, it took four weeks, until he had gained the control over his private E-Mail account.

6. The policy needs a Plan.

Also the political and security authorities could work more efficiently than before: The announcement of the cyber defence centre in Bonn to a “cyber defence centre plus”, will not help against Doxing, as long as the government takes the phenomenon seriously.

The Leak but it could be a Wake-up call. Thus, individual incidents and Display those Affected will be quickly recognized as part of a larger attack, it is important to bundle competences and to improve the coordination between the law enforcement authorities. Doxing cases should be centrally collected.

The IT security expert Sven Herpig from the think tank Foundation New responsibility “an inter-sectoral permanent Task Force to protect the elections, parties and politicians” makes sense. He also proposes higher IT security standards for parties and professionally used Accounts of politicians. “On a voluntary Basis, these guidelines could be applied to private Accounts,” says Herpig of the MIRROR.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.