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The decisions were clear – but the interpretation is controversial: The members of the British Parliament have a question, the majority of an unregulated Brexit rejected and require re-negotiations with the EU on the Northern Ireland. However, only a few hours after the decision, the debate begins, how the request about the unfair EU to interpret the exit actually is.

Because, first, the decision is not legally binding and, secondly, May and other members of the government may require the No-Deal scenario: As a threat for the renegotiations with the EU.

Thus, Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay expressed an unregulated Brexit is still an Option. His country would, at 29. March without agreement from the EU’s withdrawal, “unless we can agree on something,” he says of the BBC. “The dynamics have changed last night.”


environment Minister Michael Gove tweeted: If the “No-Deal”Option is on the table, is a matter of opinion.

The British Opposition insists, however, that the UK ceases to be only a Brexit agreement from the EU. Head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn will insist at a Meeting with May in the afternoon, “that the will of Parliament is respected and that a No-Deal is now off the table,” says a representative of the Opposition.

Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, Brexit as a Protest against Mays course had given up his office last summer, called on the EU to refuse to accept renegotiations. “I hope that our friends listen to us in Brussels and make change,” said Johnson, the news channel Sky News.

The EU reaffirmed but just minutes after the London vote, on Tuesday evening, to their previous position: renegotiations are excluded, in particular, on the Irish question.

on the question of the future of border control “in Germany and the whole of the Union on Ireland’s side,” said foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the Newspapers of the Funke media group, according to preliminary reports. “We will not allow, that Ireland is isolated in this matter.”

EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk, said through a spokesman: “The exit agreement is and remains the best and the only way that an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The Backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the exit agreement is not for renegotiation.” The have decided to the EU-summit in December is very clear. And this Position had now been matched once with each of the 27 remaining countries, said Tusk’s spokesman.

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