In the budget dispute with Italy proved the hardness of the EU. Given the billion-dollar expenditure, which has been adopted by the neighboring country of France after the protests and riots of the yellow West, doesn’t think the budget Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, wants to change this course to something.

The CDU politician called for because of the Commitments and the growing debt of an EU excessive deficit procedure against the country. France was contrary, with the exception of the year 2017 “is the eleventh year in a row against the new debt rule,” said Oettinger, the “Focus” according to a preliminary report.

“And the expenditure that Mr Macron has now promised are not one-off Christmas gifts, but are structurally long-lasting expenditure,” said Oettinger. “He’s not coming in the year 2020.”

France’s state chief Emmanuel Macron is received with billion-dollar concessions to the yellow West-protest movement. In addition to the increase in the minimum wage, among other things, also tax-free end-of-year payments are provided.


the government estimates The cost to a total of around ten billion euros. Therefore, the French budget will not be in the coming year is likely to be against the EU rules. The government currently expects a deficit of 3.2 percent of economic output, the EU allows a maximum of three percent. Originally it was planned for 2019, a deficit of 2.8.

Oettinger presented in the “Focus” against the French EU monetary Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, speaking out against a deficit procedure against France. “I am totally disagree with my colleague”, said Oettinger. “You can’t dismiss France so easily.”

protests in France, Yellow jackets, empty coffers

The German EU Commissioner accusing France and Italy, to do little for the reduction of the national debt: “in Spite of the past six years with good economic growth in France and Italy, with around 95 percent, or more than 130 percent relative to the gross domestic product, the same percentage of debt as 2013. That is: Both countries have used the historically low interest rates, debt real to reduce.”


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